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Who am I?

My name is Nancy Olewe. I do sales and marketing from 8 – 5 pm. This is my career path. After my long successful day at work, I blog, and ghostwrite to earn extra money. I don’t let challenges define me. I love food and movies. I am selective to the music I take in, but for the better part of my time, you’ll find me listening to rhumba, afro-fusion, and bongo.

Why Should You Follow My Blog?

I enjoy capturing my thoughts into words. Am I a poet? I’m not sure but I love poetry and spoken words. I share my thoughts with you. You will feel my emotions in every piece you read. I want you to look at the world through my eyes both in my poems and blog. I love to write about everything I see, hear, and learn. You don’t have to share in my thoughts, but I hope my poetry motivates you as much as they motivate me to take a step forward.

What Should You Expect?

Poetry. And some more poetry. Short poems, free verse poems and a little bit of rhyming poems. I’m not big with advice but once in a while I’ll post something on my blog.

Where Do I start?

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