100% LEGIT: Get Paid With the Best Online Survey Sites in Kenya

There’s been a lot of talk about the best online survey sites in Kenya. Everyone wants to make extra cash but no one is ready to believe there are survey websites that actually pay you for your opinion.

I’ve tried them (not all of course); most of them are fake and others will keep sending you back to the Sign-Up page. There are however some legit survey websites that let you make money online. I know because I’ve tried a few.

You cannot depend on them as a way to make a full income because the pay is little (depending on the site) unless you sign up on many survey sites. It also takes time before you get your next survey so, if you are looking for a way to earn good cash you might want to explore other ways to make money online.

So now that this is out of the way, let me show you some of the best online survey sites that you want to try out here in Kenya.

Opinion Space Kenya

Until late last year, I was a member of Sample House Kenya. The site, however, merged with Opinion Space Kenya so I was automatically a member of this survey site. I’ve been using Opinion Space Kenya for some time to earn a few extra coins.

Registration is free and it only takes a minute or so to fill in your details and get started. I find their cash rewards better than other online survey sites. You’ll need at least Kes.1200 in your account before making a withdrawal.

It takes time before this happens because you only get invitations to surveys via email. I’m not sure whether it is my account details or this site doesn’t have a lot of surveys.

Payments vary depending on the survey you take. You can earn Kes.300 for one survey and get Kes.150 for another. All in all, if you are looking for ways to make extra cash, you might want to try out this survey website.


GeoPoll targets over 60 countries including Kenya. It is also among my best online survey sites because I never run out of surveys to participate in. I guess this is one of the reasons I prefer GeoPoll Survey over Opinion Space.

You’ll need a Smartphone and Internet Connection to participate because the site sends short surveys on your mobile device. Whenever there is a survey available, you will see a notification on your phone. The site sends surveys randomly so it may take time before you receive your next survey.

One thing that really turns me off with this site is their reward system. You can earn anything from Kes.10 to use for airtime. This is pretty low if you ask me. If you, however, want to save money on credit, you can use GeoPoll to earn airtime credit.


I don’t know if Swagbucks is worth your time, I’ll let you be the judge. Swagbucks offers you more than just answering surveys. Anyway, because I’m talking about the best online survey sites, let me stick to this. I joined Swagbucks recently so perhaps I don’t have a lot of information about it.

I’ve however earned a few Swagbucks since then. You’ll need at least 100 Swagbucks to earn $1. Hectic, right? I know. This is what I don’t like about it; there’s a lot to do before earning something worth-while.

A 3-minute survey might earn you only 2 Swagbucks while a 20-minute survey may give you as much as 100 Swagbucks. It sounds/feels hectic but hey, what will you lose if you have a few minutes to spare for an extra dollar? I installed that SwagButton so every time there is a featured survey, I see a notification on my browser. You can do the same to get extra cash.

I’ve only included the best online survey sites that I’ve been successful with. Who knows? Maybe in future, my list will include more survey websites. Do you know any legit site for paid online surveys? Feel free to add them in the comments section to help other stay-at-home moms make money online.

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