Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friend

Once in a while, you need to appreciate your best friend for being with you through thick and thin. They are the ones you rely upon and confide in. You turn to them when making simple decisions like what you’ll wear to tougher decisions like moving to a new town for a new job. Your best friend deserves custom made gifts regardless of their preference.

Custom made gifts are unique and special because they are crafted with your best friend in mind. It shows your friend how much you care and value their friendship. If you are looking for the best birthday gift for best friend then we have some ideas that you’ll love. Our top 10 list includes some of the best custom made gifts with surprisingly affordable price tags.

1. Jewelry

The best thing about buying custom made jewelry is there is a wide variety to choose from for your bestie. It’s quite rare to find similar pieces and this is enough to make anyone feel special. Women love custom made jewelry so when shopping around, you need to know a few things about your best friend like her style, color and stone preference. A few suggestions could include a sophisticated pearl necklace, a statement bracelet or a watch if your best friend likes to match her watch with her outfit.

2. A Throw Pillow

How about a throw pillow with a personal message to your best friend? A throw pillow is also a nice birthday gift for best friend. Who doesn’t love to hug and cuddle them when watching a movie? A throw pillow is also a great birthday gift because it adds a nice touch to any interior décor. You can buy a throw pillow with a nice message that reminds your best friend how much she means to you. It can also have a nice image or message that reminds her of her love for animals or nature.

3. Photo Frame

Whether male or female, a photo frame can also be a great birthday gift to consider. You can make one if you are a DIY person or you can buy one depending on your budget. It is quite easy to make a custom made photo frame that you can give your best friend. Besides, you need items like cardboard, stickers, and glitters which are easily accessible. I love custom made frames because they show your friend how much you care that you took your time to make something special for them.

4. Custom Made Best Friend Mugs

You can also consider buying your best friend custom made coffee mugs. The coffee cup should be branded with a special message that you want to send to your friend. A branded mug is a nice birthday gift for best friend that reminds them of you every time they use it in the morning. They also sell at pretty affordable prices as long as you know where to get custom made mugs. You can also check out my site for different options if you are looking for custom made mugs.

5. Branded T-shirts

The thing about branded t-shirts is that they never get old. People love and wear them at any time. If you are looking for the best birthday gift for your friend, then this is another option to consider. Besides, branded t-shirts sell at pretty reasonable prices online and you can also order them with the message that you want. Make sure the T-shirt sends out the message that you want. Customization makes your best friend stand out and it also tells people what they like depending on the message. These are not ordinary t-shirts so make sure you get one that stands out.

6. Book

If you have a nerdy friend, how about choosing their favorite genre and surprising them. Bookworms appreciate books because they can add them to their collection. If you are not sure what to get your best friend, then this is another option to try. It is, however, important to know which genre they love. If she loves development books, for example, you might want to choose from a wide variety of published books by world-renowned authors like Robin Sharma.

7. Tech Gadget

A tech gadget would be the best gift for your techie best friend. Don’t worry because there are models that will fit within your budget range. If she loves taking pictures, think of buying them the latest model with some of the best features on the market. Think about it, everyone is fascinated by the latest phone models on the market so this can be the best birthday gift to buy.

8. Gift Voucher

A shopping voucher is also a great birthday gift idea. If you are confused about what to get your best friend, how about gifting them a shopping voucher to their favorite mall? You can never go wrong with a gift voucher especially if you are considering it for your best girlfriend. The best thing about getting a shopping voucher is that you are giving your best friend the power to choose whatever they want.

9. Shoes

Buy your best friend a pair of shoes that she has always admired. You can also surprise them with something different and unexpected. Before doing this though, make sure you know their taste and shoe size so you do not get something that will be put away because it does not fit. When it comes to shoes though, don’t go for the cheapest pair because you don’t want to compromise on quality. Pay attention to all the finer details if you can.

10. Plan a trip

An adventure can also be the best birthday gift for your best friend. Think about the best places you can visit together. Custom made gifts are quite special and rare but you can also plan a trip with your best friend to give them memories to cherish forever.

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