A Letter to My Future Self

It feels odd writing this to you and thinking about all the places/people you’ve seen. By now I know you no longer live in the same house or city. Or perhaps you’re not even in the same country! It’s weird to think that you are living a whole different life from what I have right now but I am happy because you beat all odds. To be honest you are my dream come true. There’s a lot of things I hope and pray that you have managed to achieve.

I hope you have figured things out and that you are exactly where I wanted you to be. I hope your life is as perfect as I wanted but I pray that you don’t forget me, the younger version of you. I hope you have forgiven all those who hurt you and that you do not hold a grudge against anyone. I hope you managed to find love and that he is exactly the man you wanted.

I hope you moved on from the past hurt and that you have managed to forgive yourself because last I checked you were still struggling with that. Most of all, I hope you still hold dear and cherish the ones that stood by you through the storm. I hope that Jesus is still your personal Christ and savior.

I hope you’ve aged like fine wine and that you are proud of the younger you. I hope that I remind you of all the experience you’ve been through and I pray you don’t forget the lessons I taught you. It is my prayer that you don’t carry any regrets in your heart and you are still as positive and optimistic as you’ve always been.

I hope life treats you as kindly as you’ve always wanted and that you are doing the same even to those who shut the door in your face. I hope your generous acts can now be seen and I pray you don’t forget to give because once upon a time you were me and I didn’t have it all.

I feel relieved because I know you have managed to put yourself back together. I hope all the broken pieces are now back in place and don’t think about the tiny ones that failed to repair. Don’t look at the scar that’s left but if you do, make sure it still reminds you of the younger version of yourself.

Please don’t forget this: I love you and I am proud of the woman that you are. I pray for nothing but the best for you and your loved ones.