I Can’t Make You Love Me

I understand if you don’t feel the way that I do. There is this feeling however that makes me want to hold on and give it my best. I am not ready to give up without trying – without doing everything that I feel I should do. Because a part of me wants to make this work. I’m not ready to walk away from all this. 

I’m trying to convince myself that you feel the same way. Because I feel your heartbeat every time we are together. And the kisses, they are all right. Every time we are together, I see it in your eyes too. My only question is, why can’t you let me love you? 

I wouldn’t want to beg for your attention. It’s never in my nature to do this. But the feeling I have for you makes me want to do anything just to make you stay. There could be something great between us if you give us a chance. I’m as scared as you are because I don’t want to hurt again and I don’t want anything to go wrong.

I know that along the way, we will fight and some things will not go as expected no matter how much I love you. I’m ready to take this risk with you because I know it will be worth it. I don’t want to give it all up without trying. I want to experience all these flaws with you too. 

I know I can’t make you love me if it isn’t there. I can’t make you feel what you don’t want to. It’s okay that you don’t feel the same way. My biggest regret – more than the words I may have said to make you hurt – will be repressing what I feel for you. Repressing what I want to say, wondering with too many “what ifs” 

A lot is going on in my head right now. A lot of jumbled thoughts. Maybe you are not ready for this. Maybe you just don’t want to admit what you feel for me. Yet here I am still asking you to take this chance. Asking you to give us a chance. To love me the way that I love you or even more. I promise to give you the best version of me. I’ll show you the love you deserve and I will do my best to be the right one for you. Pick me. Please love me. 

And even with my half-mended heart, I chose you. I know I will do it again. I’m not sure when you will start questioning your decision. I don’t know if you will continue walking even after all this. But if you do, know that I’ll still love you with my broken pieces. Although there’s one thing I’ll forever thank you for – you taught me that I can still love passionately. That my heart can still beat for someone else. 

Please Be Mine

I’ve been on a journey that somehow I thought would never end,

Trying to find and win the heart of my godsend,

It’s been a journey I would never want to extend or recommend,

From broken promises to broken hearts, there’s a lot I had to mend,

Then you came my way and I’m not ready to let go,

I understand that maybe I may not be the best thing you know,

But please allow my feelings to flow,

Because with you beau I know I will forever glow,

I promise to give you the best version of me,

And as days go by I will be better we can agree,

You are everything I want you to be,

So please don’t change a thing, or two or three, for me,

What I feel for you is uncontrollable,

There are days I feel it’s just not possible,

To me you’ll forever remain irreplaceable,

My love for you will always be untraceable,

Because I can’t remember the first day I fell deeply in love,

Trust me you’re the best thing He’s given me from above,

Only He understands the love I have for you my belove,

I wouldn’t want to let Him down, so to you this is my vow,

I may not be all you want right now,

But if time will allow,

I will do my best to be better for you somehow,

Please give me a chance to prove to you my word,

I know you are all I need in this world,

You are the one I think of when I wake up,

And the one I dream about when I close my eyes,

I wish I could hear you say those three magical words to me,

Give me a chance and let me show you what it means to be in love,

I hope this will be the end of my journey in this quest,

Because I will do whatever it takes to keep you forever.