Please Be Mine

I’ve been on a journey that somehow I thought would never end,

Trying to find and win the heart of my godsend,

It’s been a journey I would never want to extend or recommend,

From broken promises to broken hearts, there’s a lot I had to mend,

Then you came my way and I’m not ready to let go,

I understand that maybe I may not be the best thing you know,

But please allow my feelings to flow,

Because with you beau I know I will forever glow,

I promise to give you the best version of me,

And as days go by I will be better we can agree,

You are everything I want you to be,

So please don’t change a thing, or two or three, for me,

What I feel for you is uncontrollable,

There are days I feel it’s just not possible,

To me you’ll forever remain irreplaceable,

My love for you will always be untraceable,

Because I can’t remember the first day I fell deeply in love,

Trust me you’re the best thing He’s given me from above,

Only He understands the love I have for you my belove,

I wouldn’t want to let Him down, so to you this is my vow,

I may not be all you want right now,

But if time will allow,

I will do my best to be better for you somehow,

Please give me a chance to prove to you my word,

I know you are all I need in this world,

You are the one I think of when I wake up,

And the one I dream about when I close my eyes,

I wish I could hear you say those three magical words to me,

Give me a chance and let me show you what it means to be in love,

I hope this will be the end of my journey in this quest,

Because I will do whatever it takes to keep you forever.