I Set You Free

It’s hard letting you go,

How can I when I loved you oh so dearly,

I think about you every day,

It’s taking me forever to learn how to let you go,

I didn’t plan for this to happen,

I wasn’t ready to accept the truth,

Because I didn’t know how to live without you.

You made me feel safe,

You made me realize that someone can still love me,

Crazy, with all my flaws, you still choose me.

How do I walk away from you?

My heart wants me to stay,

But this time I’m trusting my mind,

I’m letting you go,

But it doesn’t mean I stopped caring,

I’m letting you go,

Because I know I can’t control how you feel,

I hope I find my prefect Mr. Right too,

For now he’s just a fantasy in my head.

I hope life treats you kindly.

One day I know we’ll agree,

That things were better off this way.


The girl you once knew.

The Wild Horse Woman

She is something else,

Only a real man can tame her,

She is beautiful, she is strange,

Not everyone knows how to love her,

It’s not easy to get a woman like her,

If you do,

If you are lucky enough to catch her,

Know that she let you.

Don’t force her to stay,

She was meant to be wild,

She’ll follow for a while,

Then walk away to find the freedom she’s so desperate for,

You don’t treat her with respect,

She’ll walk away and never return.

If you want to leave, then by all means,

But if you choose to stay,

Be ready to give her the same love in return,

She trusts none but her conscience,

Because she’s a wild horse,

That only a real man can tame.

I Want You Back

I miss you

As each day go by

I think about you

Every single time

It all feels like yesterday

When we spoke

It feels like yesterday

When I saw your face

It feels like yesterday

When you held me

In your arms

I’m trying to be strong

Believe me I am

I try to forget it all

But all the memories

That surround me

Won’t let me move on

My life was worthwhile

When I was with you

I wish I had you back

I want us back

Together so badly

You meant the world to me

And now it feels

Like it’s all

Crumbling down Without you

I think of the memories

That made us happy and

Wonder where it

All went wrong

What happened that we cannot fix?

I miss you so much

And I would do anything

To have you

Here with me

Everyone is asking me

To forget about you

That I should move on

Like it were too easy to do

How can I

When you were my world?

I hope one day

You realize that

I am right for you too

When you do,

I’ll be waiting for

You right here


I love you

And I want you

Back so bad.

I’m Still Waiting For You

I still love you

You know

Your silence hurts

More than the words

We last spoke

I’m holding my tears

So you don’t see I am weak

But inside I am dying

I miss you each day

I don’t know how to

Go on without you

I look at my phone

I peep outside the window

Waiting for a sign

Hoping you’d walk

Right back into my life

Every teardrop

Reminds me how much

You mean to me

I want you back

My days feel so lonely

My nights are the worst

I stare at your side

Of the bed every night

I wish you were here

I don’t know if

It’s time to let you go

Because I’m still here

Waiting for you

My love.

A Letter to Anyone Struggling Through Life

If You Are Feeling Hopeless, Read This:

I know sometimes you feel like the world is crumbling down on you. Sometimes you forget how beautiful you are. I have had this feeling for a long time now. I just want to remind you that you are worthy. You are beautiful and don’t let anything or anyone put you down.

You may have some bad days. You will feel like your prayers are not being answered sometimes. I understand because I have been here not so long ago. I just want to remind you one thing, He (God) is not taking too long to answer.

He can never deny you whatever you want as long as it is in line with His will. So he is either telling you to hold on just a little longer or that He will give you something even better than what you want.

You will have bad days and feel like giving up. I understand but don’t forget that tomorrow is another day and another chance to start again. Teach yourself how to standup for yourself because whether you like it or not, this world is not as kind as you’d hope it to be. Do not let anyone make decisions for your life. Do not rely on other people’s opinion to move on and build your life.

Let go of the things and the people that cause you pain. You are only hurting yourself by holding on to something that isn’t worth it. There is someone out there watching, listening and promising you that everything will be okay.

Be you. Choose you. Be whatever you want to be. People will always find something to talk about. It’s your choice to choose what is of value and sieve out what does not help you grow.

Live your life and teach yourself how to react to tough situations that happen around you. I hope that my message gives you hope and helps you have a brighter day ahead. You are loved. Never forget this.

You Are Worthy

I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places,

I’ve left the wrong traces, met the wrong faces,

I’ve given out pieces of my heart to the wrong masses,

People that did not deserve a single piece,

In the end all I did was deny myself peace,

At some point I thought this is what I deserve,

Half a piece, half the attention was more than enough,

Unaware of the pain I was causing myself,

My heart was slowly deforming,

I was forcefully fitting puzzle pieces in the wrong places.

Slowly by slowly I learnt to let go,

Carefully I chose to fit the pieces where they belong,

I taught myself to give only in the same measure I was given,

I put myself first for the first time,

Then I realized how much I deserve more.

Girl you are worthy, and, no one should put you down.

Return to Sender

Dear Lover,

Oh! Sorry, I meant ex-lover. I’ve been staring at my phone for the past one week hoping you’d call. To be honest, I still want to hear your voice. I’ve been tempted so many times to dial your number. I’m scared to click the send button with a message I wrote about three days ago. “I want to see you.” That’s all it says. But then I remember that if you really wanted to see me, you definitely would.

Sadly I still don’t know how to move on from here. I have so many questions and you are the only one who has the answers. Are we still together? Did you move on but forgot to mention it? Are you okay? I still care but it’s heartbreaking because I don’t get the same feeling from you.

Is it weird that I am still hopeful that we can work this out? The past one month has been tough for me. I’ve been hurt trying to fix us. I know I would feel much better letting it all go. I saw you yesterday and you were okay. I was so close. I wanted to ask you what you were doing with her but then I thought, maybe she makes you happy. And I just walked by. Don’t you think I deserve some answers?

If the love is lost why would you not tell me? If you don’t feel the same way anymore, why would you not tell me? I’ve been through a lot trust me I’m a tough girl and I can handle anything. At least this is the only consolation I have right now.

I miss you but I know I’ve lost you already. I’m fighting a losing battle. I can see it. I just want to convince myself that it’s a phase and it shall pass. Well, who am I kidding, it’s over, I know it. I won’t try again.

I’m already convinced that you’ve moved on and I want to wish you the best but not right now when I’m still healing. Not right now when I’m still stuck with all these questions. For some reason, I’m still here, waiting. So, a goodbye is enough for now ex.


The girl who still cares

I’ll Be on My Way Now

It’s useless to think about you,

I need to stop asking questions,

Yes, I need them answered,

But I guess you don’t want to.

I loved you in every way,

I put my life on hold for you,

You were mine, or, at least that’s what I thought,

I was ready to fight for us.

Then suddenly you drifted apart,

I wanted you to stay,

But you had other plans, now I can see,

I wish you the best is all I can say.

I hope she treats you right,

I hope she is everything that I’m not,

I have questions, but,

I don’t need the answers anymore,

I can’t tell if you’re happy or not,

But, I know I am and,

I’m ready to move on now.

My Ideal Man

My ideal man is perfect in every way,
He knows about me and how to make my day,
He is handsome and he is all I need today,
My ideal man is a gentleman, I am sure he is here to stay.
My ideal man is sincere and understanding,
He is kind and caring,
He is religious and loving,
My ideal man is sweet, thoughtful and accommodating.
My ideal man I gaze at him with awe,
My ideal man, I love his every flaw,
He is not perfect, don’t ask me what I saw,
With him I don’t care about any law.
My ideal man, today I give you my word,
I swear you are everything I preferred,
I promise there is no first, second, or third,
I’m happier with you I don’t care about the heard or unheard.
Thank you for treating me like a lady,
Pampering me like a baby,
I promise I am not a crybaby,
I will be everything you need and more, or can I say maybe?