This is Why I Love You

You ask me numerous times why I love you 

I’m not speechless because I don’t feel something for you 

I’m speechless because I don’t know where to start 

I’m not sure if I’d ever get to the end 

I love you because you took your time to know me 

Watching and loving me from a distance 

And even though it killed every part of your soul

Seeing me smile (with someone else) was enough satisfaction 

I love you because you are my number one cheerleader 

You believe in me more than I even believe in myself 

Your strength, courage, and confidence makes me feel safe around you 

At times I want to be like you, but then I remember 

You’re already a part of me, so I should reach where you set the bar for us

I love you because I can be myself around you 

And on those days when I don’t recognize the girl on the mirror 

You remind me how priceless I am 

You were patient enough to sit and wait for me to accept the scars that were formed in my past aches 

For me, every scar told a sad story 

But to you, they were a reminder of how strong a woman I am

They are beautiful, you said 

Why would I not fall in love with you?

My heart would not resist 

Every second with you is precious 

Every minute away from you seems like forever 

To the end of the world, I will love you 

To the moon and back, you are my shining star 

My best friend, my mentor and my lover

I love you, baby.

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