A Single Mother’s Poem

I didn’t choose to be where I am

If I had a choice, I’d want a happy marriage too

But that’s not all it takes to make your kids happy

To gain some sanity and mental health

They hear my story and interpret it however they want

I am human too, you know

I made mistakes just like you and I might slip again

Perhaps the difference between me any you

Is that I know what and where to fix

I know not to tread the same path

Life forced me to mature at a young age

But I am forever grateful

Because the lessons have been well worth it

Nothing puts me down except when

I don’t see smiles on my children’s faces

Some say I was weak to walk away

Some say I am strong to do it all alone

One thing I see in these two statements is ‘I’

Yes, I made the decision

Because I chose my sanity

Believing that a happy mom equals a happy child

Whether I gathered my strength on the first day

Or picked it along the way,

One thing I know for sure is,

I am strong and being a single mother

Is a title I carry with my head held high

Because that’s what makes me special.

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