A Love Letter to my Beloved

Dearly beloved,

While I may have more than a thousand words to say, please allow me this chance to say how much I love you. Allow me the time to show you how much you’re making your way towards me slowly. Fitting the pieces of a puzzle little by little to create a vision.

Every time I look at you, I am reminded of the reasons why you are more precious than the finest jewel. Every time I hear your name, I get all the reasons why I would rather be with you than anyone else. Need I say of the times I hear your heart beat? I could go on and on for sure.

You have always been here for me all the time. You have listened to my every thought, my every word and better yet, you have always given me a shoulder to cry on all the time. Your wise words, constant suggestions, and constant criticisms have seen me be the person I am today my beloved. I wouldn’t swap who I am for anything.

And when everyone saw my flaws, you saw the best in me. When no one took the time to notice my achievements, you identified even the minutest step I made in my life. When I gave up and felt like the whole world was crumbling, you held my hand and walked with me through the storm. You saw the best in me even when I didn’t recognize it, my love.

And even when I fell, you helped me pick up my broken pieces and trudge on. You helped me see the beautiful woman inside me without asking for anything in return darling. For these I am grateful.

My love, if only I could pay up my debt and let you see how much you’ve done to me. If only I could open my heart and show you the space you’ve taken, I would do that in a blink. I would jump to the sky and bring you the moon because with you by my side; nothing is impossible.

Vibrant anticipation is the only concept I can think of that best describes how I feel about you, my beloved. When you are far away, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again. When you are close to me, I want to reach for you, automatically and spontaneously.

No one has given me a purpose to love but you. No one has filled my heart with joy but you. You are my love; you are also my heart. I have so many reasons why I love you. So many reasons I will never want to let go. How can I tell them all when I’m running out of paper? My heart completely trusts you because your love is an inspiration to become a better version of myself. Your love is my towel to wipe every tear I shed.

And more importantly, your love is a reason to steer my future with great determination. With you by my side, there is nothing I cannot do. There is no obstacle I can’t overcome. With you by my side, there is no goal unreachable.

My love, your wisdom captivates me, your passion ignites me; your compassion inspires me, and your generosity motivates me.

The times I spend with you are a precious gift from above. And when I retire to bed at night, my last thought is of our journey together. Although still fresh and young, I am thankful and appreciate every moment of it. When you hold my body in slumber, I count nothing but my blessings, go to bed content and pray to awaken the same way.

How can I describe how much I feel about you? This language is too small and my hands inept at this task. I can’t use these tools to describe the depths of my love. All these are not enough. If I am lucky to live more than a thousand years, then I might have enough time although I doubt it so much sweetheart.

I’ll love you always and in all ways.

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