Sorry I didn’t fall as hard as you wanted me to

Sorry I picked my pieces all on my own

And put them back where they belong

There are bruises and stitches

But I’m glad I healed

Sorry I am not as broken as you’d hoped

Sorry I don’t think of you anymore

Sorry you don’t find my missed calls anymore

I found better things to do

Sorry I gave you my love

But you didn’t want it

Sorry you messed us up

But I know I had a role to play too

Sorry I moved on from the past

I don’t want you anymore

Sorry I left without goodbye

I’m not coming back

Sorry you miss the old days

We can’t have them back

Sorry for crying over me

You left me down but I rose back up

Sorry you don’t have a role in my new story

You ruined your chance

But thank you for playing your part

Regardless of the ending.