I Want You

I want you
To read and don’t judge,
Poor grammar and broken language
Don’t judge.
I want you
To be open of the idea
That we can be a pair
Not like shoes, right and left
Just like the sky, moon and star.
For a while I’ve seen you
But not by sight
It’s in the blurred visions of my dreams
Where I nurse my night most felt realities,
There I have found you
Ending up with a thirst for you,
So don’t judge.

When you get to read this,
It’s a composition of a million Words
That I would fumble and stammer
if I were to say them to you eye to eye.
They are a part of my shyness that matures
To form up in words and wholely in this note
Doubt me not
For am just but a feeble Lover
Who intends to meet you after a Yes
I fear prior Heartbreaks
So I would rather read your reply too.
With you am obsessed
Waking up each night just to admire you
My secret crush
I want You.

Yours Truely,
The Unknown.

Written by: Poet Dickens Olwal – I love Writing as much as I enjoy reading. Phenomenal in nature but patient with it to take it’s course. Am an Actor, Poet and Wild thinker.

Facebook: Dickens Olwal and like his poetry page

Twitter: Olwal Dickens

Instagram: Olwal_

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