Chained to Your Memories

I hate the thought of

Not being with you

Not touching you

Not kissing you

Not caressing you

Not smelling you

I hate the thought of

Lying in bed alone

Not holding you while I sleep

Not tasting your lips

Not making love to you

I hate this feeling of

Loneliness that’s slowly creeping in

It’s slowly sucking away my happiness

Like a raging tornado

I want you next to me

I hope it’s not too much to ask

Right now I’m chained

To all these memories

I can’t move


All I need is you.

The Poem of Hagar – Genesis 16

Here is a story of a woman Spoken of in whispers

Pages flapped, her episode skimmed only for a second

Hagar the handmaid many know not of her fate

Her strength as a mother

Nobody accounts for, she was not as great

Suffering in the desert no food nor drink

She didn’t know of the mighty one until the day He appeared

Her tears she could not hide her pain unbearable

A promise she was given

But doubts and fear clouded her thoughts

Of El Roi the God who sees

A lesson she taught us that despite our suffering

The God who sees shall provide our needs

He is El Shaddai, El Shama the almighty who hears

Stay strong and believe in Him

For all you go through is nothing but a passing phase