It’s Too Late For Us

It's too late to change the past 
I picked my pieces and glued them back 
I cry for the days you forgot about me
Your love slowly taught me how to do it alone 
You said it was tough love 
We know this was not true 
I saved my heart for you 
My life I put on hold 
But I was just another girl 
Never good enough for you 
She had your heart 
I'm sorry she didn't care for it 
I would have done a better job I'm sure 
You didn't want me anymore so I walked 
For once I'll listen to my heart and not my head 
It's time I left you behind 
You've dragged me down so many times 
I miss the memories not you
So I'll carry them with me 
Because I'm chained to them forever 
L.O.V.E is a word you will hear 
I'm sorry it won't be from me.