He’ll use and set you aside

Then sell you to the highest bidder

He thinks it’s money or fame

That defines a real man

He’ll do anything to get to the top

Even if it means signing a deal with the devil

He puts on a facade

Hides behind bravery

Walking around with ‘I don’t care’ attitude

He thinks it’s natural for a man to be tough

We don’t mess with nature he claims

He’ll have his say and get his way

He’s tough he claims

A man so cold like a corpse

Heartless like a vampire 

The word sorry is for the weak

Care is left for the elderly 

He thinks being inhumane is the new normal 

He’s happy when you cry 

Drinks wine when you starve

And angry when you don’t want him

I feel sorry for him 

He thinks he’s happy 

He knows no love

He’s lonely 

Walking without a heart