This Perfectly Imperfect Love

There’s nothing like a perfect relationship

It is through our imperfections, heartaches, and fights

That I understand why I suffer when you are away

Our relationship may not be perfect to others

It may not be other people’s dream

But you are my dream

My perfectly imperfect lover

If I had to choose one more time

I’d choose us

Our perfectly imperfect love,

The breakup and makeup

The fights that remind me

I have someone next to me

The confidence

That surrounds the words ‘I love you’

That reminds me why

We are never unapologetic to be us

Everyone fights and we all fall

Every relationship has its flaws

It is these imperfections

That makes our love so perfect

I’m broken without you

You’re not complete without me

I never thought we would fight

But I was certainly sure

It was not going to be easy

It is these flaws

That makes me want no one but you

We made this love

This perfectly imperfect love

I am here to stay,

Because it is everything

I ever wanted and more