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If I Knew

If I knew today would be my last day with you

That today would be the last day I talked to you

If I knew it would be the last time I saw you sleep

I’d say I love you over and over,

I’d kiss you and hold you tightly

Make sure I say just the right words to complete your day

I would record your voice and play it back everyday

I would ask the right questions

And make sure the sun does not go down with our anger

If I knew today would be the last time I saw your smile

I would tell you how much it brightens my day

If I knew today was our last day together

I would say a prayer for you

And ask the lord to give us better days ahead

Your soul, I’d ask Him to keep it safe for me,

Your heart, as pure as it always is

I wish I could have one last time to make you feel loved,

To say “I love you” just one last time and use my actions to show it

I’m sorry I took advantage of the precious gift we had together

And assumed tomorrow was another day

If I had one last wish left,

I’d ask for another day with you, to make it all right

I’ll let go of yesterday and ask tomorrow to wait

If I had one last chance with you,

I’d tell you how much I’ll love you always and in all ways.

One Last Time

Hold me one last time

Kiss me one last time

Let me taste your lips one last time

Let me feel your hands on my body

And let me beg for more just one last time

Say you love me one last time

Come close, I want to feel your heart beat one last time

Tell me what I want to hear just this once

Let me re-live our first night just one last time

Tell me how much you need me

Like the old days, remind me how you can’t live without me

Just this once, make love to me like you used to

Give me one more night

And let me feel how special I am

Please love me one last time

Till We Meet Again

My shaky voice, my bloody eyes will give me away

I’m not big with goodbyes but I don’t want to miss this last chance

We were friends for a while

We laughed and cried,

Shared the good and the bad

We made each other’s company worthwhile

So I hope this is not the end of our story

Our paths are no longer the same

But forget me not even as I tread this new path

Forget us not, and everything we’ve been through

I am the page in your book that left an impact whether good or bad

But my part in the story has come to an end

I hope the lessons and memories will be worthwhile

My words, your everyday verse

Forget me not even as the sun goes down on us

Forget me not even as I start my new journey

I know our roads will connect somewhere

So remember me till we meet again

My love for you remains the same

And I hope your future is a happy one

This is not goodbye because you’ll forever remain in my heart

I Want a Real Man

I want a man who listens without judging

A man who will criticize but give their opinion

I want a man who can look into my eyes

And know when I’m going through a phase

I want a man who sees me at my weakest

But still thinks I’m the strongest

A man who will remind me how tough I am when I feel weak

I want a man who can shape the stubborn girl in me

Point out my mistakes without taking away my esteem

I want a man I can talk to

A man to go home to

To end my day with just the right words

A man to hold me and tell me it’s okay

I’m looking for the exact version of the man in my dreams

It’s time to wake up and re-live my reality.

I’m Not Good Enough for You

It’s not easy for me to admit this

Deep down I wish it wasn’t true

But I know I’m hurting you and I’m hurting myself

Every decision I make is wrong

There are days I wish I could do more

Maybe I’m not good enough for you

It hurts me to say this

You deserve someone better

Someone who isn’t me

I wasn’t looking for love but I found you

Broken and damaged as I was

You were ready to give my heart a home

Maybe I wasn’t ready to be let in

I’m sorry I’ve hurt you so many times

I try so hard to hide my scars and past hurt,

To hide my worries and anxieties behind this strong version of me you see

But every time I get scared the demons awaken and I mess it up

Then the fear of not being good enough slowly creeps in

We were both broken when we met

But you have been so brave

I’m sorry I let you down so many times

I deserve the love you give me

I want to be the woman for you

I want to be good for you

But the only thing I seem to accomplish is driving you further away from me

I’m crushed every time I see you go down in the flames I set

So I’m letting you go my love

Because you deserve someone who loves you right

It breaks my heart to know it isn’t me

I Want To Be There For You

I don’t care whether we’re together or not

I want to be there for you

I want to be your go-to person

When you feel blue

I want to listen to you

When you feel no one else understands

I want to hear about your dreams and goals

I want to be your source of strength

I want to be you shoulder

I know all this sounds cliché

But I want to be the person who

Gives you comfort when no one else can

I want to smile when you do

And cry when you do

I want to hold your hand

When you’re too tired to walk

And pick you up when you fall

I want to be the person you find comfort in

I want some peace of mind

And knowing that you’re okay will give me that

Don’t be shy to come to me when

You need someone to talk to

I don’t care about our differences

I don’t know this type of relationship

All I know is

I want to be there for you

Keep Walking

I made peace with my past

I hope I am happy

I learnt how to forgive myself

And found a solution to my troubles

I didn’t know how to deal with

The things that caused me pain

For years I’ve been fighting with myself

Searching how to heal through my aches

Finally, I hit a breakthrough

Now I know how to be happy by myself

How to be at peace with my past

I taught myself how to accept the things I lost

Including the love that was never reciprocated

He (God) helped me see things differently

He taught me how to appreciate my present

Then I put one foot before the other

And decided to walk without looking back

When life puts you down, walk

When people leave your life, walk

When you don’t know where to go, keep walking

Walk. That is the only way to let go

The only way to grow from where you are

Keep walking.

Have You Seen The Man I Love?

If you see my man, please tell him to come home 

I call him Papi I don’t know about you 

If you do, please tell him I’m waiting for him 

I’m cold and lonely 

With so much love to give 

He’s out there somewhere 

Watching and waiting 

Or perhaps pampering another’s heart 

If you see my man, 

Please let him know 

There’s a woman out there waiting for him 

She’s tall with fairly light skin 

Black eyes, short hair and a figure he’ll love 

If he won’t care for all these, 

Please tell him 

She’s got a heart of gold 

Although lonely 

Her beauty matches her brains 

She’s the ideal wife 

Please tell my man to come home 

I’ll be here waiting for him 

With all the love and care 

He won’t look for another 

©Words From Her life