Beautiful Mess

​I’m​​ one beautiful mess

I get jealous

I throw tantrums

I come with a lot of baggage

If you can believe

Some days I feel weak

Other days I am strong

I’m stubborn and get easily irritable

I’ve been hurt so many times

Because I made the wrong choices

Met people I didn’t deserve

I’m scared of Love but I can give it to you

One thing I am not is Fake

I give you the real imperfect me

You have the freedom to take it or leave it

Accept me for me

And let us fix where we can

Because if there’s one thing I won’t accept

Is to be judged by someone as imperfect as me

I’ll give you the real me

Because I know I’m still work in progress.

I Wish I Was Enough

I​​’m wrapped up in my sheets

Cold and lonely it seems

Wishing you would keep me warm

Yet she is the one in your arms

Can’t help but feel jealous

This is the deal I signed for

I die silently when I hear her voice

I’d give anything to be her

The one you’d show to the world

Sleep with at night

Not just your Girl Friday

I want to be the one you’d run to

Always sure you’d come home to me

Sad that I’m everything less

I Love You

I’m not perfect at what I do

Neither do I have the courage of a lion

I’ve had enough time to learn this king of beasts

And my zodiac sign says

I share a lot with the Panthera Leo

So let’s skip these cat and dog fights

We both know neither will win

We have lots in common

But what makes us perfect for each other

Are the differences we try to hide

You give my life meaning I bring peace to yours

So whether ‘You’re the light of my life’ sounds a cliché

I’ll use it over and over again

Because you shine bright as day

You make me whole

And my life slows down when you’re not here

I’m tired of spending days without you

Just because my ego refuses to bow to defeat 

You and I are perfect for one another

You can’t have beginnings without endings

Happiness without peace of mind is useless

And you are both of these to me

I love you

And if I have to spend the rest of my life proving it

I’m ready to do it.

I Forgive You

I forgive you for the heart that you broke

I forgive you for the love that you lost

I forgive you for the innocent girl you made fun of

I forgive you for our little boy you walked away from

I forgive you for the responsibilities you ran away from

I forgive you for the cold days I slept alone

For the days I had no food, you had it all but never shared

I forgive you for taking me for granted

I forgive myself for expecting too much

For loving too much even when I was half loved

I forgive myself for the resentment that built when you walked away

I forgive myself for taking this long to realize that you were never really mine

I forgive myself for breaking my own heart when I chose to hold on

For the nights I cursed and cried and forgot how to move on

I forgive myself for getting stuck in the past

I’m letting it all go, ​this hatred is holding me back

I forgive you but I hope I never see you again

Thank you for the days that were real, 

For the son that is true 

And for the lessons that I learnt