Where Do I Stand?

Where do I stand?

I ask myself this question every time we talk 

Every time you smile at me

I’m confused

Where do I stand? 

Do you love me or is this feeling in my head?

Every time you say you can’t live without me

Do you mean I should be by your side as a friend?

Every time you say you love me

Is it something romantic or are we just friends 

You see, I love you

It’s more than friendship 

I see myself with you

I build my home with you (in my head) 

You give me every reason to wake up 

I’ve grown to see you more than a friend 

Is this feeling mutual?

I hope one day when our eyes lock, our lips will meet too

I keep dreaming of this day

I hold back because I don’t want to scare you off 

I’m comfortable being your friend 

I can’t wait to hear you confess your feelings to me 

This way it will be easier to tell you

How many things I’ve been holding in all these years