I’m Still Here

Dear lover ex-lover,

I was willing to take a city

But you had to go all big

And promise me the world

Look at me now

Struggling to separate myself

From all these promises you made

Every word you said that included forever.

I loved you so much

I was not ready to be alone

Look at me now

Struggling to un-love you

Spending every time of my day

Trying to un-feel what my heart felt for so long

The hugs and kisses

And all the excitement I felt when I was with you.

All your feelings are gone

You are gone

But I’m still here

Trying to un-love you

Lower my expectations

And reduce my attention

What do I do with all these beautiful memories?

All these things that remind me how much I miss you?

I hate how I feel

Thinking about how unreal all these moments were

Wondering why you had to forget me so fast

I know I will never have my answer

Yet I yearn so much to know

All I know right now is that you are no longer mine

But I’m still here

Loving you silently

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