Dear Crush

I’m not ready to do this you see. I mean write this letter to you and let the world know how I feel about you. But what the heck, I have nothing to lose and so much time left. I’m not too courageous to say this to you but this is the beauty of writing letters – I can pour out my heart.

I’ve always wanted to use the phrase ‘my heart skipped a beat’ away from classroom literature and composition writing. Finally! You looked stunning when I saw you yesterday. When our eyes met, my heart skipped a beat.

You took my breath away when I saw you – blue must be your favorite color. Well, guess what? It is my favorite color too. You looked so…err…I can’t put my feelings into words.

Your image has taken refuge in my mind from the moment my eyes saw you. I can’t shake this idea of seeing you again. I wish I could record these beautiful fantasies I have. It’s easy to escape reality for a second or two with you on my mind. I know I can’t have you but still, my heart yearns to hold you.

These moments I have in my head are nothing but a distant dream, I know. Yet it is this hope that I shall meet you soon that keeps me holding on to you as my crush.


Happy Mother’s Day

You were the first place I ever lived

You walked before me when I was a child

Behind me when I was a teenager

Now you’re more than a mother

A friend walking by my side

And enjoying this life together

I’m sorry for the days I let you down

Thank you for the woman that I am

I would never want anything more

Than being your daughter

You Don’t Have to Love me Back

I love you and I’m not going to fight it

I wish I could say it’s okay that you don’t love me

But it’s not

I’m not okay

I want you to love me back

But I can’t tell your heart to pick me

Yes, I love you

And it’s breaking me to pieces

Knowing you don’t feel the same

You just want me to be happy

I get it so please let me feel this

Let me love you

You don’t have to love me back

I don’t want anything from you

Nothing in return

No promises or lifetime commitments

I’ll carry the blame for breaking my heart

Just let me love you

Because these feelings won’t go away