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Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friend

Once in a while, you need to appreciate your best friend for being with you through thick and thin. They are the ones you rely upon and confide in. You turn to them when making simple decisions like what you’ll wear to tougher decisions like moving to a new town for a new job. Your best friend deserves custom made gifts regardless of their preference.

Custom made gifts are unique and special because they are crafted with your best friend in mind. It shows your friend how much you care and value their friendship. If you are looking for the best birthday gift for best friend then we have some ideas that you’ll love. Our top 10 list includes some of the best custom made gifts with surprisingly affordable price tags.

1. Jewelry

The best thing about buying custom made jewelry is there is a wide variety to choose from for your bestie. It’s quite rare to find similar pieces and this is enough to make anyone feel special. Women love custom made jewelry so when shopping around, you need to know a few things about your best friend like her style, color and stone preference. A few suggestions could include a sophisticated pearl necklace, a statement bracelet or a watch if your best friend likes to match her watch with her outfit.

2. A Throw Pillow

How about a throw pillow with a personal message to your best friend? A throw pillow is also a nice birthday gift for best friend. Who doesn’t love to hug and cuddle them when watching a movie? A throw pillow is also a great birthday gift because it adds a nice touch to any interior décor. You can buy a throw pillow with a nice message that reminds your best friend how much she means to you. It can also have a nice image or message that reminds her of her love for animals or nature.

3. Photo Frame

Whether male or female, a photo frame can also be a great birthday gift to consider. You can make one if you are a DIY person or you can buy one depending on your budget. It is quite easy to make a custom made photo frame that you can give your best friend. Besides, you need items like cardboard, stickers, and glitters which are easily accessible. I love custom made frames because they show your friend how much you care that you took your time to make something special for them.

4. Custom Made Best Friend Mugs

You can also consider buying your best friend custom made coffee mugs. The coffee cup should be branded with a special message that you want to send to your friend. A branded mug is a nice birthday gift for best friend that reminds them of you every time they use it in the morning. They also sell at pretty affordable prices as long as you know where to get custom made mugs. You can also check out my site for different options if you are looking for custom made mugs.

5. Branded T-shirts

The thing about branded t-shirts is that they never get old. People love and wear them at any time. If you are looking for the best birthday gift for your friend, then this is another option to consider. Besides, branded t-shirts sell at pretty reasonable prices online and you can also order them with the message that you want. Make sure the T-shirt sends out the message that you want. Customization makes your best friend stand out and it also tells people what they like depending on the message. These are not ordinary t-shirts so make sure you get one that stands out.

6. Book

If you have a nerdy friend, how about choosing their favorite genre and surprising them. Bookworms appreciate books because they can add them to their collection. If you are not sure what to get your best friend, then this is another option to try. It is, however, important to know which genre they love. If she loves development books, for example, you might want to choose from a wide variety of published books by world-renowned authors like Robin Sharma.

7. Tech Gadget

A tech gadget would be the best gift for your techie best friend. Don’t worry because there are models that will fit within your budget range. If she loves taking pictures, think of buying them the latest model with some of the best features on the market. Think about it, everyone is fascinated by the latest phone models on the market so this can be the best birthday gift to buy.

8. Gift Voucher

A shopping voucher is also a great birthday gift idea. If you are confused about what to get your best friend, how about gifting them a shopping voucher to their favorite mall? You can never go wrong with a gift voucher especially if you are considering it for your best girlfriend. The best thing about getting a shopping voucher is that you are giving your best friend the power to choose whatever they want.

9. Shoes

Buy your best friend a pair of shoes that she has always admired. You can also surprise them with something different and unexpected. Before doing this though, make sure you know their taste and shoe size so you do not get something that will be put away because it does not fit. When it comes to shoes though, don’t go for the cheapest pair because you don’t want to compromise on quality. Pay attention to all the finer details if you can.

10. Plan a trip

An adventure can also be the best birthday gift for your best friend. Think about the best places you can visit together. Custom made gifts are quite special and rare but you can also plan a trip with your best friend to give them memories to cherish forever.

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How being a single mom has empowered me in ways I never imagined

This is my fourth-year solo parenting. I’ve faced so many challenges. I’ve been judged, misunderstood, and worse of all, I’ve experienced pity. Amid all these downsides, I still find solo parenting to be encouraging and empowering. I don’t consider myself a single mom. I am a mother.

Motherhood is a journey, and I love it. The only difference is that I am on this journey alone. It is tough. The road is a bit narrow, and at times it’s hard crossing the river. Traveling alone has, however, build my level of independence and strength. At times I wonder if I am the same naive girl everyone used to know. I have no one to divide my tasks with or share decisions with. On the bright side, though, I have developed a lot of skills than I ever imagined.


It takes caution to live a free life, but the fact that I’m the boss of the house makes me love single motherhood. I have no one to discuss my parenting with and no one compromises on how I raise I my children. I decide what we eat, when to sleep and make any decision for my boys.


It’s a bit of a burden taking all the responsibilities and handling them alone. Yes, I make all the decision, but at times, it feels like a burden. Thankfully, after all these years, I’ve transformed from the woman who could not say what we should eat for dinner to one who makes hard decisions daily. It is tough, but the best part is that it has made me bolder and braver than ever.

I make decisions that I believe to be the best for my kids, and I understand that I may not always be right, but that’s all okay. Plus, there’s no one else I can tap in the middle of the night when something suddenly hits the window. I have to go out and check it all by myself, so there’s no room of being afraid in a single mom’s house.

My alone time

I have no one in the house to make an effort for or argue with. When my boys are asleep or when they are away for the holidays, all I have is me. I love this alone time. Yes, at times it feels lonely, but at least I get to learn about my strengths and weaknesses. The best part is that when I find the time to connect with my true self, I get to weed out all the worst bits about myself that I don’t want.


I’ve been in situations I would never wish even on my worst enemy. I’ve faced challenges I wouldn’t want to repeat. While not all of them are connected to being a single mom, every one of them has been heavier for me to carry alone. I made it because I had to win for the sake of my children. They all count on me, and I cannot let them down. This has made me stronger by the day. I’ve learned both how to survive and how to thrive. The fear of failing my little ones makes me battle each day’s devil with all I have.

I get all the love

The best part about solo parenting is that I get all the love. I know that I am the center of my child’s world, and it makes me feel proud. I love when I lie sandwiched between my two boys. I love when they each compete over who will give mummy the last goodnight kiss. I love when we all cuddle in bed and watch a movie before we go to sleep. I don’t share or feel sidelined when I am not the parent of the week.

To the newly single mom

At first, I was unsure about being a single parent. I felt so alone and messed up, wondering whether I could do it. After all these years, I am sure of one thing, even when my world wobbles, I know I will get through the strong and come out stronger than I am now.

I understand if you are starting and it’s okay to feel uncertain, but I know you will get there one day. In case no one has ever told you this, know you are doing an amazing job, and I love how strong you are.

To the New Single Mother

As I sit here watching my 1-year old play, undisturbed and unsure of what’s going on, I thought of you?

How are you feeling? I know it’s tough, especially the first few months. But believe me, it will get better soon. It all depends on you, though. Are you giving up? Do you still have the strength to face every new challenge that comes your way?

See, I know it’s not easy. It was not your plan to be a single mom. Just like me, you dreamt of giving your little one a family with mommy and daddy. A life where he/she would run to dad when you scold him/her. I get it. I dreamt of all those great family outings and dinner as we share and laugh about our hectic day.

I wish I knew you in person so that I can hug you and let you know that things will be okay. Even on those happy days, you may need some reassurance that you are doing it right. You are mom! You are moving in the right direction, and I am proud of you for getting this far.

Don’t give up just yet because it’s about to get better. Being a single mom is hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Wait for the days when he/she will send you a Father’s Day card then you’ll know that being a single mom is just so special. You are a supermom, and you should feel this way.

These first few months will be tough. Spending sleepless nights, cleaning the mess around the house, multitasking, struggling to balance your job and being an extraordinary mom, paying the bills – I understand if you feel tired and frustrated.

You need encouragement and motivation once in a while. It doesn’t mean you are weak or not doing things right. It only means that you are human. I’ve been there, and it’s hard trying to maintain your sanity. 

My advice to you is this:

Don’t put down the man who made you a single mother

It’s easy to do this. And yes you can bad mouth your ex to your best friend, to your mom or me. You can do this, but never to your child. As young as they may be, they still dream of the idea of having a dad. So don’t assume they are too young to notice or understand. Don’t lessen your child’s feelings.

It’s okay to cry

After all, you are not made of stone. Cry in your room or the shower. I’ve done this so many times, and it makes me stronger. A good cry once in a while is awesome.

It’s okay to ask for help

Do you need someone who relates to what you are going through? Call me! Whatever support you need – social, moral, or economic – it’s okay to talk to someone. You will feel frustrated if you don’t do it. Have a network and join social support groups for single moms.

Talk to your child about his/her fears and frustrations

As your child grows, listen to his/her concerns. You will not know how your kid feels unless you talk to him/her.

Let your child spend time with a male role model

No, I don’t mean your new boyfriend. A male role model can be your child’s uncle, grandfather, or a mentor from church.

Believe that you will survive

The first few weeks may feel devastating. It’s normal. Your life has turned upside down, and nothing is like you hoped. Believe that you will survive and that you will be happy. Do your best to find a new normal.

Have a survival plan

You need to make sure you have a way to provide for your child. Have a budget. Cut your expenses and increase your income if it is necessary.

Have some alone time

You need time to take care of yourself – both physically and emotionally. It is okay to reach out to your family for a kid-free day.

So stop feeling like life isn’t fair or wondering why this is happening to you. Whatever you are going through is normal, and lots of moms have been where you are right now. I love that you are a strong phenomenal woman, and you will soon find your way to success. You are not alone and know that I am thinking of you.

Wishing you the best and cheers to many years ahead

Lots of love from ME!

How to Build Your Life from Zero as a Single Mom

(Post previously published in 2018)

I’m rebuilding my life in a different town away from home and I still have the chills two months down the line. I mean, I’m used to having my family next to me but now they are all six hours away. It’s tough and I hate being the ‘new mom on the block’.

My neighbors still look at me like I just landed from Mars. I’m trying to make new friends but either my neighbors are not friendly or I’m not doing it right. To hell with all those who respond coldly to my greetings.

I’ve decided to do things differently and I’m not going to give a crap to anyone who doesn’t want to make friends. I won’t let their reactions limit my experience.

It’s hard adjusting to a new town, let alone the neighborhood. I have to change hospitals and petty things like supermarkets and my hangouts. My son has to adjust to a new school.

Speaking of my son, he is extremely terrified of his new school. He is worried about making new friends and changing teachers. Sadly, I understand him, but it’s been hard trying to help him adjust when I’m having a hard time myself.

I know I’m not alone. Rebuilding your life as a single mom is tough especially when you have to start from zero and you have to buy everything.

Lucky you if you managed to get something from your separation or divorce. This is not my situation though.

While there are some disadvantages to building a new life, there are so many advantages that come with it.

For one, it is easy to pick up the pieces of your shattered dreams and start a new life. Heck! No one knows you here and a few people care about where you came from, what you do and who you live with. (This is how you know you are living in KENYA!)

You have the opportunity (a second opportunity for that matter) to become an independent woman and mother. Don’t screw it up this time.

Well, while this may be tough, but building a new life gives you the chance to have a new network base. Hopefully, you don’t bring back into your circle the crappy friends who put you down.

Don’t forget that you have a kid/kids to take care of so the only thing you need right now is your self-esteem. I have mine way above 100 percent (J I can work with 80 percent though) and I’m trying hard to keep away all the negative energy. It’s not easy I must confess.

Solo parenting is tough and you need a boost of confidence to make things work. You already made the decision to move, so thumbs up mama! Now do away with the anger, pick your beautiful self up, shake off the dust and have the courage to face your fears.

I’m talking to you mom who is having a hard time moving on. You are not doing justice to yourself (and your kids) holding on to things that are not WORTH IT.

No one can put you down unless you allow it

What Do You Love About Yourself?

Self Love is the key. It helps build confidence so stop making that list in your head and write it down. It doesn’t matter how small your achievement is, write it down.

Even if you choose therapy over my article, they’ll still tell you that writing down things you love about yourself helps validate yourself as a unique personality with potential.

Don’t believe me? Check this out

I took the liberty to gather some resourceful information that should help you:

One Exercise Sure to Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Can’t afford to pay for therapy? Here’s How to do Therapy on Yourself

8 Steps to Like Yourself (More)

Okay, so now that this is out of the way, another method I use to keep my mind busy and distract myself from the thought of having a few unwelcoming neighbors is:

Learning a New Skill

You don’t have to do it my way; instead, you can think of a new hobby or pursue a different interest. Since I moved here a few months ago I’ve been learning a lot about being a virtual assistant. I’m particularly interested in being a virtual assistant for therapists given that I have some background in Counseling Psychology and I LOVE writing.

You can do something different like learning how to bake or training on article writing. You can even take some driving classes. My point is keep your mind busy with things that can help you grow instead of focusing on things that pull you down.

Then there is this easy method you can use to make new friends

To hell with your neighbors (oops!) if they are unwelcoming like mine. I won’t force it. I’ll wait and see if they will say ‘Hi’ to me one day. For now, they’ll only see visitors walking in and out of my house like I’ve been living in this town for years.

That’s the beauty of social media! You can easily make new friends who share the same interest as you. I want to have as many single mom friends as I can. They may understand my experiences more than my family.

Facebook Group Kenyan Single Mothers Club has a large base. All you have to do is add a post and ask anyone within your location to connect if they want to make a new friend. Try it on any group. You’ll be amazed at the contacts you get.

Pray Big Time

Stop thinking that you can do everything alone! You are not alone even if it feels like it. You can always turn to prayers and reflection to understand yourself and build a new life. Pray every day, pray every time. Read the Bible every time, it will give you enough consolation.

Not sure where to start? Look up these verses and reflect how it relates to your life.

  • Psalms 130:5
  • Nahum 1:13
  • Romans 8:17
  • Proverbs 14:10
  • Galatians 5:19-23
  • Ecclesiastes 7:14
  • Mark 11:25
  • Ephesians 1:11
  • Matthew 6:25-34

I could go on and on because when it comes to the Bible, you can never get enough.

From Zero to Super Mom

At times I get frustrated when I don’t find what I’m looking for on the internet. Before taking this bold step, I scoured the internet to find success stories of single moms who actually managed solo parenting when they had nothing to support themselves. I only landed articles that give tips on thriving as a single mom. Don’t get me wrong, they are all good, but they didn’t touch on my current situation.

Then I realized I was doing it all wrong. You will never find all the answers on the internet. Ask around and you will hear success stories that will make your situation look like nothing.

I even forgot about my mom and how she started her life after my dad passed away. Damn! That was a hell of a journey! I was only 8 and I could feel her pain. Two years without a job and an extra year trying to adjust to a new town.

So picking a few tips from her, and some from my experience:

Leave the Kids Behind

If you don’t have school-going children, then don’t feel bad leaving them with your family as you start out. I know, it is heartbreaking at first, but with time, things will go back to normal.

If you can’t afford to provide for them as you start out, it is okay to ask your parents to help you out. For me, my sons are my handbags, but this is just because my oldest son is already in school plus my mom and sister go to work every day. I’d leave them behind if I had the choice, but thank God I can afford to put something in their stomachs.

Ask Your Family to Get You through the First Few Months

Budgeting becomes hard when you barely have enough to push you through. Sadly, this is the situation for most single moms. You made the decision to move because you want to build a new life. This means that you have to look for a job and ways to make money.

Before your first paycheck comes in, why not make a call to your parents and ask them to help you through the first month?

I was lucky enough because I make money online. My laptop is my office so it goes wherever I go. Then I have a very supportive family. My mother was on her annual leave at the time so she helped me move. Honestly, it felt like high school all over again. She bought all the essentials, spent a few weeks with us then traveled back home when she was sure we were okay (I doubt if she thinks we are okayJ). This saved me some thousands and I had to focus more on finding a good school for my son.

I know a single mom who started the same way. For her, she had a whole village behind her back! Literally! One person chips in with a bed, another relative offers to buy the sofa set, and a few friends throw in their support with kitchen appliances and food. If you have a support network, turn to them.

Reduce your Spending

Now that you have a few things to start out, it is time to make a budget. You want to save as much as you can to buy the necessary household items if you don’t have a village behind your back like my friend. A single mother’s must-have items in the house include:

  • Food
  • Clothes (not a household item, but very important)
  • Rent (again, not a household item but important)
  • Television (Heck, yeah! You need something to keep your kids busy as you work. 100 percent necessary for the work-at-home mom)

Here is a full list if you want to learn how to create a single mom’s budget. Forget about all the articles that ask you to save first. A single mom’s budget is about being realistic. I mean why strain and save 10% then pull the money out to buy groceries?

You need a workable budget; a single mom’s budget. It’s only reasonable because you are all surviving on one income and you don’t have the luxury of asking your spouse to pay the rent and school fees while you handle groceries.

While we are still on the topic of budgeting:

Do away with things you can live without. Will your life end if you don’t eat out like other moms? Hell No! So ditch it and carry food to work.

Look for cheap but better alternatives to essential things you need. Second-hand clothes are a thriving business in Kenya so must you order your dress from Jumia at the moment? No.

Downgrade your living situation and look for creative ways to save money.

Concentrate on Making More Money

Much as you want to cut costs and live the frugal lifestyle as you start out, this is not how you should live your whole life. Do your best to make sure your income is greater than your expense.

Focus your energy toward finding a better job. You can also look for alternative ways to make money through a side hustle or if you have enough capital, start a business.

Stay Positive

You will never get far if you sit around and play victim to your circumstances. Your outlook on life determines your outcome. Choose to be happy and decide that you are going to make it as a single mom. Oh! And everything takes time so don’t expect some miracle to happen overnight unless you land a dinner with the President.

There will be tough days and it is up to you how you respond to these moments. For me, I turn to my Bible and ask Jesus to take the wheel. I don’t know about you; these are just some of the ways I chose to build a new life as a single mom. What’s your secret?

100% LEGIT: Get Paid With the Best Online Survey Sites in Kenya

There’s been a lot of talk about the best online survey sites in Kenya. Everyone wants to make extra cash but no one is ready to believe there are survey websites that actually pay you for your opinion.

I’ve tried them (not all of course); most of them are fake and others will keep sending you back to the Sign-Up page. There are however some legit survey websites that let you make money online. I know because I’ve tried a few.

You cannot depend on them as a way to make a full income because the pay is little (depending on the site) unless you sign up on many survey sites. It also takes time before you get your next survey so, if you are looking for a way to earn good cash you might want to explore other ways to make money online.

So now that this is out of the way, let me show you some of the best online survey sites that you want to try out here in Kenya.

Opinion Space Kenya

Until late last year, I was a member of Sample House Kenya. The site, however, merged with Opinion Space Kenya so I was automatically a member of this survey site. I’ve been using Opinion Space Kenya for some time to earn a few extra coins.

Registration is free and it only takes a minute or so to fill in your details and get started. I find their cash rewards better than other online survey sites. You’ll need at least Kes.1200 in your account before making a withdrawal.

It takes time before this happens because you only get invitations to surveys via email. I’m not sure whether it is my account details or this site doesn’t have a lot of surveys.

Payments vary depending on the survey you take. You can earn Kes.300 for one survey and get Kes.150 for another. All in all, if you are looking for ways to make extra cash, you might want to try out this survey website.


GeoPoll targets over 60 countries including Kenya. It is also among my best online survey sites because I never run out of surveys to participate in. I guess this is one of the reasons I prefer GeoPoll Survey over Opinion Space.

You’ll need a Smartphone and Internet Connection to participate because the site sends short surveys on your mobile device. Whenever there is a survey available, you will see a notification on your phone. The site sends surveys randomly so it may take time before you receive your next survey.

One thing that really turns me off with this site is their reward system. You can earn anything from Kes.10 to use for airtime. This is pretty low if you ask me. If you, however, want to save money on credit, you can use GeoPoll to earn airtime credit.


I don’t know if Swagbucks is worth your time, I’ll let you be the judge. Swagbucks offers you more than just answering surveys. Anyway, because I’m talking about the best online survey sites, let me stick to this. I joined Swagbucks recently so perhaps I don’t have a lot of information about it.

I’ve however earned a few Swagbucks since then. You’ll need at least 100 Swagbucks to earn $1. Hectic, right? I know. This is what I don’t like about it; there’s a lot to do before earning something worth-while.

A 3-minute survey might earn you only 2 Swagbucks while a 20-minute survey may give you as much as 100 Swagbucks. It sounds/feels hectic but hey, what will you lose if you have a few minutes to spare for an extra dollar? I installed that SwagButton so every time there is a featured survey, I see a notification on my browser. You can do the same to get extra cash.

I’ve only included the best online survey sites that I’ve been successful with. Who knows? Maybe in future, my list will include more survey websites. Do you know any legit site for paid online surveys? Feel free to add them in the comments section to help other stay-at-home moms make money online.

10 Survival Tactics of (Thriving) Single Moms in Kenya

There’s no way around this, being a single mom in Kenya is a challenge that gives you only 2 options: you either have to make it, or make it. From dealing with prejudices to managing the family income, it can be tough maintaining good mental health or thriving as a woman. Who said it is impossible though?

It may be tough maintaining your sanity as a single mom in Kenya because on one hand, you have a group that considers you the strong alpha you aspire to be. Then there’s the other half of the population that sees you as a desperate husband-snatcher. When it comes to financial support, single mothers in Kenya have it tougher than other countries. The US, for example, has different kinds of government grants for single mothers and aid packages than any nation. In Kenya, you have to clear your head and make the decision of doing it alone.

There are so many challenges but very few solutions so I want to show you how to survive as a single mom in Kenya. There are a number of women who are raising their children successfully and happily alone. Curious how they are scaling through? Here are a few suggestions to help you come out as a proud independent single mother in Kenya. 

 #1: Build a Strong Community around You 

I’ll put this as my first point because it is the most important way to survive as a single mom in Kenya. Don’t be too proud to ask for help or support when you truly need it. I’m talking family, friends, social groups, you name them. You need a strong community of people who can provide both emotional and financial support to help you pull through.

You need a group of people to give you a sense of belonging in a society where solo parenting is still a big deal to the majority. Create a social circle around you, join a club and be an active church member. Attend local events if possible and don’t be afraid to open up to people. Playing victim to your circumstances is a thing of the past and honestly, it’s boring. 

 #2: Increase Your Income and Slash Your Expenses

It’s not easy finding a full-time job in Kenya but it is not impossible either. If you have what it takes, keep those cold emails coming through. Aside from the 8-5 job, you can also consider a side gig. When I’m not at work from 8-5, I write articles for niche sites. I spend approximately 2-3 hours writing an article and I’m done for the night. There are other ways to make money online in Kenya. You can also be crafty and do something with your skill or hobby.

“If you can do without it, you don’t need it” Find your way around your expenses and do away with all the things you don’t need. If possible, lower your fixed expenses as well. These include moving to a lower cost area and buying groceries at cheaper markets in bulk. A common trend I see in Kenya is having food chamas

 #3: Have a Solid Budget in Place

Most of the problems we face as single mothers in Kenya are due to poor financial planning. Because your family depends on only one income, it is important to draw up a financial budget and stick to it. Unlike the common 10%-rule, handle all the important expenses first. Calculate your monthly income and figure out your main expenses to ensure you live within your means. You can’t afford to run into debt as a single mom so stick to your budget at all times. 

 #4: Learn to Prioritize 

You can’t be the mum and dad at the same time so stop playing super mom all the time and be real. Most single mums fall into this trap assuming they can handle everything. I’m not saying it’s impossible but I prefer staying 100 percent real. If you cannot pull off the 8-5 job, do all the house chores and tend to your child’s needs, it is okay to ask for help. Adjust your priorities, lower all your expectations and take breaks whenever you need them. If you can afford it, hire someone to help around the house. 

 #5: Avoid Resentment and Bitterness

It may not happen all the time but I know it does. Being a single parent is tough and there may be times when you feel lonely. This is normal. It is equally normal to feel envious of your married friends but don’t let these thoughts rule your life. Everyone has problems. Married or not, you’d still have your share of challenges so don’t let ‘couple envy’ breed resentment and bitterness in your life. Don’t worry about the insecure wives either because you don’t have control over what they can or cannot think. 

 #6: Ignore the Ingrates

I’ve read so many negative comments about single moms online. I’ve heard a few comments from people I know. To be honest, some of these comments affected me in the past. I let them get in my head and affect my day to day routine. But then I thought to myself, do they really understand what I go through? Do they know my past? No, they don’t.

They can’t understand anything unless they wear my shoes. You’d never hear a person raised by a single mother throwing any negative comment because they experienced how difficult it is to raise kids alone. Only the ingrates who have no idea what single parenting is all about will raise their voice and air negative comments. Don’t let such comments affect your life unless they know what you go through. 

 #7: Have an Emergency Plan 

You can never be sure about tomorrow so it is important to have a solid plan in place for emergencies. This means you should always put money aside for the dry months. You equally need a list of family or friends you can contact in case of an emergency. Ensure you have relevant medication for allergies or infections and an emergency babysitter who can take care of your child in urgent situations. 

 #8: Remember what’s Good About Being a Single Mom 

How long will you worry about not doing a good job? So, what if you are parenting alone? Think about it this way, your kids will have a strong and independent mom to look up to. Isn’t it amazing? Besides, you don’t have anyone around to argue with or negotiate how to use your hard-earned cash. 

 #9: Have Some ‘Me Time’ Without Feeling Guilty 

Everyone deserves this and so do you. I do this at least once every month. Go out, have a long lunch somewhere you wouldn’t go with your kids. Aside from lunch, you can have an afternoon of manicure and pedicure. You’ll be a better mom after this so try it. 

#10: It’s Okay to Cry 

You’ve been up and about the whole day. A lot has happened during the day and you’re slowly wearing off. You feel upset but you still need to show your little ones how strong you are. Lock yourself in your room and cry because this may be the release you need to do things better.

Pull yourself together because you still have somebody who thinks the world of you. Our young ones are too special to let down so take some time, let it out and move on. If it doesn’t work, pick up your phone, call someone you trust and vent. 

How to Start a Business with Less than Ksh.5,000

If you want to learn how to start a business, you need to have an entrepreneurial mind. If you can’t develop an entrepreneurial mind, then this article is not for you. It’s as straightforward as this.

No need going through this article if you will not implement everything as I point out. I took my time to research business ideas in Kenya that require little capital to start – to be specific, business ideas that require less than Ksh.5,000.

It’s unfortunate that while there are over 50,000 students graduating from university each year, the current unemployment rate in Kenya is still at 39.1 percent (2017). At this percentage, Kenya seems to have the highest unemployment rate in East Africa. This is a disaster! If you don’t want to be part of the statistics, I have prepared this article specially for you.

I’ll be honest with you mom, it’s tough starting a business. It’s tougher staying in the business and watching it grow. I’ve seen many people start out then going under. There are so many reasons why new businesses fail within the first five years of operation.

5 Profitable Business Ideas That Require Less than Ksh.5,000 to Start

I took some good hours within my schedule to research some of the best business ideas that require less than Ksh.5,000 to start. Let me assure you, mom, that these are by far the most profitable business opportunities if you want to become an independent mompreneur.

#1: Errand Girl

I don’t know about you but this business seems interesting and untapped. While there are many courier services, most of them rarely run small errands for busy people. This is where you come in as an errand girl.

You don’t have to start with a large enterprise using motorbikes or vehicles to run errands. You can start as an individual offering your services to friends and family for a small fee.

Services you can provide include paying bills, delivering gifts, renewing passports, bookings and anything in between. The idea is to help busy people handle their pending tasks. In a busy town like Nairobi, you can generate some good profit targeting people with tight schedules. 

#2: Refilling Perfumes

This is a very lucrative business in Kenya. You can either sell in wholesale or retail. The best part is you won’t spend more than Ksh.5,000 to start. The idea is to make trendy fragrances available to many people. Save the money you need to start up and buy a 125ml bottle then repackage it into small quantities say 5ml bottles and sell.

#3: Selling second-hand books

I didn’t do a lot of research on selling second-hand books. There is little data on this but just like others on the list, I managed to gather useful information from people who are running this business. Street book vendors fill the gap for many Kenyans who can’t access public libraries or buy expensive books from bookstores.

If this is a business idea you want to try out, make sure you know where to find second-hand books. You can get them for free from friends and family who don’t use them anymore.

While most vendors sell these books on the streets, a few of them choose to rent them out at a minimum fee of Ksh.50. What happens when someone takes off with the book? Easy, you only rent out to book-hungry Kenyans who have paid a one-off membership fee of say Ksh.250.

It’s easy to find the market for second-hand books but it may be tough getting the books so you can also think of doing trade-offs (exchange a book or two with customers who have the books you can resell). I have done this with a few street vendors when I was shopping for second-hand books for my younger sister.

#4: Making homemade peanut butter

It’s easy to earn some extra money by selling homemade peanut butter. You equally don’t need a lot of money to start out. You don’t have to worry about how to start a business if you enjoy playing around with ingredients. The procedure is quite simple and all you need is roasted peanuts as the main ingredient, sugar, salt, oil and a food processor.

You’ll want to research how to make peanut butter if you don’t know how to do it but it’s easy as ABC. Depending on your target market, you can either package the peanut butter into 500gm jars or 100gm jars.

Most low-income earners do not buy large peanut butter jars sold in supermarkets because of the high price tag. If they are your target market, you can sell them a 100gm jar of peanut butter for around Ksh.100.

#5: Selling Second Hand Clothes

I know, this is a common business but don’t overlook it. Most people in Kenya buy second-hand items like clothes, shoes, and handbags so the market is large. You, however, need to carry out thorough research before starting out.

You cannot target everyone and you cannot sell all types of clothes. Do you want to sell baby clothes or would you rather sell ladies trousers? Find the right location and give the best prices that can assure you great profits. Many people fail to grow in this business because of poor research.

The Fashion Parlour gives you all the information you need before starting a mitumba business in Kenya.

5 Creative and Easy Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business

Ksh.5,000 may seem like a small amount to some people but believe me, moms, it is hard to collect it if you don’t have any source of income.

If you don’t want to learn how to start a business because you don’t have the funds, here are some of the best ways to raise the capital you need.

1.      Family and Friends

Your family members and friends are more likely to believe in your vision than any person. Raising Ksh.5,000 from them will not take a lot of hassle. You can either get it as a loan or they may be willing to give it as a gift because they want to see your business grow.

2.      Savings

If you want to do it yourself, you can save an amount of money every week for at least one or two months to establish your business. You may not have enough saved but the best part about putting together the money is that it is easy to convince your family and friends about how much you need to top up. Open an Mshwari Lock Savings Account to save an amount whenever you have a few hundred shillings in your pocket.

3.      Small Business Loans

It’s okay to use your personal assets to take a bank loan. However, there are numerous options that require nothing more than your Smartphone and social media account. Think of options like Safaricom’s Mshwari, Branch International and Tala that give visionary Kenyans up to Ksh.50,000 to grow their business.

4.      Join a Chama

Form a group with friends (sharing a common interest) to save the amount you need to start your business. Chamas are great because you have the flexibility to save the amount you have. You can start with as little as Ksh.50 per week and increase it with time. I recently made a post on Facebook’s Kenya Single Mothers Club on how to start a chama that will give you the results you need after a few months.

5.      P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a great way to get the capital you need to start your business. Peer-to-peer lending networks bring savers and borrowers together thus eliminating the need for a bank. You can get cheap loans with flexible return dates. One thriving P2P lending network in Kenya is Zidisha.

5 Best Ways to Market Your Small Business in Kenya

There’s no need to learn how to start a business if you won’t learn how to market it. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business that you cannot ignore.

There are many ways to market your business in Kenya including online marketing, posters, and through radio or TV.

I find online marketing to be the most effective way of getting your business out to the right audience. I’ll tell you why in a few.

Starting a business with less than Ksh.5,000 means that you don’t have enough funds to put on marketing. I will, therefore, show you some of the cheapest ways to market your business.

1.      Referrals

This is the best way to market your business. The best part is you won’t spend even a shilling to reach the right audience. You, however, need to provide the best services to your first few clients so that they can sell you to other potential customers. When I say the best, I mean providing nothing short of quality services.

2.      Social Media Marketing

If you want to reach more clients, you need to stay active on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn let you connect directly with your customers regardless of their location. Upload photos and videos detailing your business and what you do.

3.      Have a Website

In this digital age, having a website is mandatory in building your business. Aside from social media, a website is also an excellent way to have an online presence. Your website needs to be attractive and interactive to make it easy for your visitors to navigate and make inquiries. When choosing a web address, ensure it is easy to remember and talks about what you do.

4.      Email Marketing

I can also encourage this marketing strategy for small businesses. This strategy requires little to no capital provided you have a list of potential clients. I also love this marketing strategy because it is easy to personalize a client’s message. People like it when you speak directly to them. Besides, personalized emails help influence their buying decisions.

5.      Posters

Very few people will take you seriously when you market your small business through posters. This method works well for politicians but if you are ready to take the challenge, go for it.

I would equally not encourage marketing your small business on Television and Radio. This strategy is more suitable for established brands. It is also the most expensive way of marketing on this list.

Final Word

The list is endless; I cannot exhaust it. I touched on different work-at-home jobs you can start as a single mom in my previous posts. And even with this new article on how to start a business with less than Ksh.5,000 I have not touched on all the opportunities available for you to explore.

Instead of sitting there and complaining about the government, get up, get out and do something.

You are free to add your ideas in the comment section below.

Low-Cost Business Ideas You Can Start from Home(PART 3)

#1. Day Care

Things were easier for working families in the past. Hiring a house-help was cheap, all you had to do was make a phone call, and a relative would send you a young house-help from the rural area. Such was the norm for many families, but things have changed today. If you’ve been following the news, house-helps have become very expensive because of the recently enacted law. Many parents are now shifting to daycare centers because of this. Don’t even get me started with rouge house-helps who abuse and even kidnap kids.

For the business-minded Stay-at-home mommy, this is a potential investment you can’t overlook if you live in an estate where there are many working parents with little ones. Why is it on my list? Well, unlike other business opportunities that require huge capital, starting a child daycare business costs next to nothing. Besides, all you need is a special liking for children and basic knowledge on early childhood development.

So I recently purchased a child daycare business plan prepared by Crack a Business Kenya because I wanted to understand more before I put my first foot forward. I must say there’s a lot to keep in mind before moving forward. Most families within Nairobi and its environs are desperately looking for the best daycare centers to take their children. Don’t trust my word? Go to Google and start typing ‘Daycare Centres.’ Look at the alternative keywords that people use to search the same information, and you’ll be amazed at how people are searching for daycare centers near them.

Starting out

Fortunately, you don’t have to lease a house to start out. You can operate a daycare business from your home, but you need to get legal approval on whether or not your home is suitable for operating as a daycare facility.


You need to think about getting the necessary licenses and insurance. Important licenses that you need to look for include:

  • Single business permit – from Sh4,000 to Sh15,000
  • Public health license – Sh3,000
  • Individual health certificate – Sh1,500
  • Education license (optional) – Sh9,000

Visit your county office to get all the information on licensing. You also need to think about purchasing a liability insurance cover to protect your house and the children.

Prepare your home and buy the right equipment

Hopefully, you have the phone number of an affordable carpenter and painter who can convert your house into a child-friendly environment. The carpenter can also help you make affordable equipment that you need to have.

Here is a list of commonly-used equipment in daycare facilities. Note that the prices depend on size and quality, so you don’t have to stick to my budget.

  • Mattresses – Sh4,000
  • Tables – Sh1000
  • Chairs – Sh500
  • Toys – from Sh50
  • Potties – Sh200
  • Assorted items like drawing books, charts and stickers
  • TV
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Utensils

You can buy these items from supermarkets or shops along Biashara street. Other places to consider are Kamukunji for plastic items and toys or Second-hand dealers in Gikomba.


You need trust from parents so that they can entrust you with their kids. The best way to build a clientele base is through referrals. Network with parents and invest in business cards. Social media is also another great way to market your business, but you can always do this later on as you grow.

Additional staff

Your workload as you begin may not be a lot, but with time, you’ll need to hire additional staff to help you with the growing number of children. Make sure you do thorough background checks on applicants and let them produce relevant identification documents including a certificate of good conduct. The smaller the team, the better for your business, but make sure you compensate them well. You may need to hire:

  • ECD tutors
  • Cooks
  • Security personnel
  • Cleaners


There is no clear formula for this. Before setting a price for your business though, check:

  • The competition
  • How much the parents are willing to pay per month
  • The quality of your facility and branding
  • The income level of residents in the area

Lower end daycares charge between Sh50 to Sh200 a day depending on the location. This is because most of these daycares are within low-mid level income estates and they tend to have basic facilities. There is less emphasis on aesthetics as long as the children feed and have someone to keep an eye on them.

Mid-level daycares charge between Sh200 to Sh500 while High-end daycares operating in places like Lavington and Nyari can charge up to a maximum of Sh2000 per day for their services. These daycares tend to provide extra services including insurance covers and on-call vehicles in case children fall sick.

Record keeping

Keep records of transactions and contacts of parents. You also need to have an exclusive business line where parents can call to check on their little ones.

#2. Hair Salon

A hair salon business can be a step in the right direction if you enjoy styling hair and performing manicures. It is the best home-based business to start on a low budget. You can start small with friends and family, build a clientele base and grow slowly as word about your excellent skills spreads.

A salon is a sensitive business venture because you will be dealing with products made from chemicals. You need formal training to be able to understand these products and how they react to different hair types.

Starting out

For a home salon, you need basic equipment like a blow dryer, combs, and styling products which can set you back approximately Sh21,000. If you are working on a tight budget, you may want to invest in services that are not equipment-intensive like plaiting.

Your equipment list can have things like:

  • Water heater – Sh3,000
  • Towels – Sh1,000
  • Flatiron – Sh3,000
  • Blow dryer – Sh2,000
  • Hair Dryer – 12,000

You can shop for these items in Supermarkets or Best Lady shops in town. Alternatively, you can shop online on sites like OLX if you want to reduce costs.

Do a good job and use the first few months to build a name for yourself. With time, you will be able to expand the business, rent a shop and hire more workers whom you can pay on commission.


A home-based salon can earn you around Sh.16,000 per month. This is enough income to help you budget and expand your business.

#3. Event Planning

Organizing events like weddings or corporate parties can be daunting. Instead of doing everything alone, many people hire event planners to help them. Event planning is a good income opportunity if you have the skills and passion. Event planning requires little capital to start, but you need to be comfortable in dealing with different people.

Start small

Most event planning businesses start from home enabling the mompreneur to save on overhead costs. When you start out, all you need is a laptop, internet connection, a mobile phone and a network of suppliers. With proper research, you can do so much with these tools. Eventually, you will be able to expand your business, but you need to be patient because this takes time.


You can either choose to focus on the private market or the corporate market. The private market involves planning small weddings, reunion parties or family events. The Corporate market involves planning stakeholders’ meetings and trade shows.

Locate good suppliers

If you are working on a tight budget, you can negotiate with freelance suppliers who charge affordable prices for their services.

As an event  planner, you need to:

Possess good work ethics

Be flexible

Have great leadership skills

How do you start an event planning business with no clients?

Start using your contacts and email people you know. Your first job, no matter how small, is likely to be someone you know. If you do a good job, your skills will undoubtedly sell themselves, and the word will spread. Ask your contacts to recommend you.

#4. Laundry business

Many Kenyans are busy with their daily hassles that they don’t have enough time to clean dirty clothes at home. As a stay-at-home mom, you can start a laundry business and earn some good cash. This is a very lucrative business that is very profitable especially in mid-class estates and the leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

Starting out

You can wash your clients’ clothes manually or use a washing machine. This depends on whether you have enough capital to start out or not.

To start a laundry service business as a small home-based venture, you need a basic front-loading machine will get the job done. Buying a brand new machine that can handle 7kgs laundry load costs approximately Sh50,000. Aside from this machine, you need:

  • An iron box
  • A dryer
  • An ironing board
  • folding board
  • Detergents

You can buy these items at your local supermarket.

Standing out

As a home-based business, you need to stand out from the competition to penetrate the already growing market. You can offer door-to-door pickups for your busy clients or any other strategy you have up your sleeve to draw in and maintain customers. You can capitalize on social media to market your business or use word of mouth to get the word out.

As you grow, think about renting a room so you can have a small reception office and a large work area. Don’t forget to register as a single business entity.

#5. Cleaning Services

Yes, moms, there is money in this business – good money. Just like laundry, many people barely have enough time to clean their houses. They prefer outsourcing work to professional cleaners who can do an excellent job within the stipulated time. Aside from households, organizations like hotels, offices, and schools are willing to pay for professional work provided the job is done as per expectation. I love the cleaning business because it is very flexible. You can run it right at your home, but once you have a large client base, you may want to set up a commercial office in a suitable and accessible place.

What’s your area of specialization?

You can either choose to specialize in residential cleaning or commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning is quite lucrative, but if you land a lot of household deals, that’s great!


If you are sure this is the type of business you want to start, here is a list of what your clients expect you to do:

  • Washing floors
  • Cleaning the washrooms
  • Cleaning windows and doors
  • Emptying the trash cans
  • Arranging the office

Depending on the clients’ needs, you can render these services at least twice a week, over the weekend or in the evening.

Here is a list of items you need to have when starting out

  • Carpet cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Mop
  • Toilet brush
  • Spray bottle
  • Cleaning agents
  • Squeegees
  • Gloves and masks

Becuase you are starting out, you can rent some of the expensive equipment like the carpet cleaner and vacuum cleaner.


There is demand for these basic services, no wonder I put it under the ‘Necessary Services’ category. However, you need to be patient and honest to thrive in the cleaning business. Ask your friends or family members for referrals. Facebook Ads are powerful and very affordable.


Pricing depends on several factors including the market prices, the type of service you offer and the nature of the work. Before setting a standard rate, you need to make sure that the price you charge can cover your expenses while still giving you a good profit in the end.

Low-Cost Business Ideas You Can Start from Home(PART 2)

#1. Freelance Writing

If you love writing as I do, there is a way to turn your words into income. Writing is the best job for stay-at-home moms or anyone who wants flexibility. The flexibility coupled with low-startup cost makes freelance writing an excellent option for moms. You only need a good computer, stable internet connection and a word processing software. If you enjoy writing and you want a stay-at-home job, then here are some things you need to know before you begin.

Skills required to be a freelance writer

You don’t need a degree in English to become a successful freelance writing. I advise you start with training first before you begin. You don’t need a lot of experience, but you need to write well and deliver quality work. There is nothing different about working online as a writer except for a few basic writing rules even-more-web-content-writing-tips/ that you need to stick to when writing for clients. Analyze your writing skills to know if you can make money online with writing. A few questions to ask yourself are:

Do I love writing?

How was my composition and literature skills in high school?

Have I received compliments from people about my writing skills?

Do I enjoy putting words on paper?

If you feel that your skills are wanting, check out this free English Grammar and Style course. For online writing, you need to understand Search Engine Optimization and have experience marketing using social media. If you, however, need guidance, you can always signup for online writing courses to polish your skills.

Join freelancing websites

There are numerous freelancing websites today. The list is endless but if you want legitimate freelancing websites that also accept Kenyan writers, here is a list that you should definitely check out. It can be a challenge to get your first writing assignments as a new writer.  

Here are a few tips I can give to help you start out:

  • Define whether you want to create marketing materials or write articles online. The latter is the most common type of writing in Kenya.
  • Work on topics you are familiar with.
  • Check your writing skills and determine your price for each work.
  • Have a few sample pieces related to the topic you want to do.
  • Consider having a website to send potential clients if they want to know more about you.

How much do freelance writers earn?

Well, it’s hard to give you an exact amount when it comes to this. There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to what writers take home. Writing is a competitive business, and the market is full. Because of this, payments have dropped for many types of writing especially online writing. Factors like the type of writing and length of the work affect what you get paid. Some clients offer regrettably low pay that is not worth your time at all. According to Payscale however, an entry-level content writer can take home an average of $40k per year in median compensation.

Copywriting is the most lucrative paying job thus the most competitive. If you have a unique skill set, however, you can market yourself well and earn some good amount. You need to determine your rate per hour before you pick writing jobs. As a beginner, it is okay to settle for lower paying jobs, but once you have experience, you can increase your rate or look for higher-paying clients. Sites like iWriter define the amount you get as you start because they categorize their writers according to experience.

#2. Transcription

Transcribing is one of the best and most popular ways to make money online in Kenya. This online job involves typing out audio file – converting audio to written form. Just like freelance writing, it is easy to start transcription work from home. All you need to break into transcription is:

A laptop

If you prefer a desktop, then go for it. I, however, recommend that you get a good laptop because it is flexible. You can move around and work anywhere you want. You don’t need a top-class laptop to start out. Go for a basic computer with great features and buy a better brand as you grow.


You need to invest in a good set of headphones. When a say good I mean top-quality. This is a must if you want to start out well in transcription work. The audio needs to be crisp and clear if you want to deliver quality work so your regular earphones will not cut it. A good set of headphones should also be comfortable because you will wear them for long hours.


Transcribing audio is tedious work especially when you have to handle long audio files. As a newbie, you can take longer working on the files. Fortunately, there is a software that can help increase your productivity. Express Scribe is a popular software used for transcription. You can either use the free version or the paid version. Here’s how it works, you upload an audio file and use hotkeys like F4 and F7 to transcribe the file. As opposed to listening via Windows Media Player, Express Scribe lets you transcribe faster and stay productive.

Stable internet connection

Stable internet connection is a must if you want to work online faster. A client can send you large files to transcribe, and this is why I stress on a good internet connection of at least 300Mbps.

Good listening skills

You need to have exceptional listening skills if you want to do transcription work. You need to hear and type every word correctly. Your good listening skills come in handy when you get inaudible audio or when you have to work on audios where there is background noise.

Good typing speed

You may consider starting transcription if you have a comfortable speed of at least 40 words per minute. Anything below may not give you good result in your online work. But don’t worry because the internet is full of resources that can help you test and increase your typing speed like Typing Master

Where to find Transcription Work

There is a market for transcription work for legal, medical or business purposes. The market is large you only need to know where to find the right jobs. Get some training and sign up with freelancing sites. Here is a list of top transcription companies to work for as a Kenyan Work-at-home Mom.

#3. Start a Mom Blog

Starting a mom blog is fun and easy. You don’t have to be a tech guru to know how to start a blog. Blogging is a broad topic, and I can go on and on. Fortunately, there is a lot of content on how to start a mom blog online. Suzi Whitford’s Site, Start a Mom Blog gives you a step-by-step process of building your mom blog. To set you on the right track though, here are a few things you need to know about starting a mom blog.

What are you passionate about?

What do you love doing in your free time or when the kids are asleep? Your passion should drive your decision on a blog topic. The best part is, you don’t have to be an expert on the topic. Start the blog, learn and you’ll become better.

Find a niche

Think about what you plan to write about. This is a very challenging step for a lot of people. Whether you want to talk about parenting or travel, you need to make sure you can monetize. Of course, you can blog for fun but if you truly want to be a Work-at-home mom, make sure you find a way to monetize your niche.

Your domain name should relate to your overall brand. I advise you have your niche somewhere in the blog name but don’t let this take too much of your time. Choosing a domain name is fun and exciting. Make sure the name is short, simple and easy to remember. Have a couple of names in case the first option is already taken. I had a fun time thinking of my blog’s name – The Kenyan Mompreneur. Before I settled on the name though, I had more than 5 options to compare. Some creative mom blog names are:

More Than a Mom

Mommy on a Budget

Tidbits from a WAHM

Frugal Mom

My Kids and I

Kids and Chaos

Mommy Needs a Break

If you need inspiration, here is an article you will love: The Psychology Behind Choosing a Killer Domain Name

#4. Write an Ebook

The internet has changed so many things today. Email replaced snail mail, Skype replaced expensive long-distance phone calls, and Amazon has reduced our hassle of dealing with long queues at the shopping mall. On the bright side, internet entrepreneurs have enjoyed all the benefits of these changes.

One of the disrupted industries that give you a solid make-money-online venture is book publishing. I know there is one thing you are passionate about.I know you have an area of expertise whether it’s writing, nutrition, business coaching or digital art. Some people value your knowledge and are willing to pay for it – you have to know where to look. Aside from starting a mom blog, another simple way to turn your passion into a business is by selling an Ebook.

Make sure your Ebook solves a problem

The good news is, you don’t need a 200-page to make a sweet profit. People will only pay for your Ebook if the pages give them a solution to their problem regardless of the number of pages.

Before you begin to write:

Identify a potentially profitable topic

Discover buyers’ hot-button issues

Understand the problem and how prospects frame it in their mind

An excellent way to find out what your target audience responds to is to look at blog posts or social media updates with the most comments and shares.

Once you are sure that there is demand for your information, it is time to create your Ebook. The best Ebook shares a personal story because it is engaging and builds authority.

Where to sell your Ebook

You have a few great options for selling your Ebook. You can set up a website and sell your book directly online. The process is simple, and the benefit of this is that you can always promote other products directly to your clients in the future. You can also sell your Ebook through third-party sites like Amazon.

#5. Offer an Online Course

When it comes to research, marketing, and selling, the procedure is nearly similar to Ebooks except that this time you are creating interactive lessons with take-away assignments. The market for online courses is big – this is no secret. If you have a special skill, you can share the knowledge to those who are willing to learn. The internet is full of courses about anything you can imagine from copywriting to content creation and dating.

What will you teach?

Maybe you already have an answer to this, but if you don’t make sure that you choose a course idea that you are passionate about and that you can make money teaching it. Here’s how t find a profitable course idea:

Look for things that people ask questions about or want advice on.

If you have a blog, take note of the things your clients ask questions about all the time.

Identify the pain and eliminate it.

Just like Ebooks, people are willing to pay for courses that solve their problem.

Test your course idea

You don’t want to spend a lot of time creating an online course that people will not buy. To test your idea:

Strategy 1: Create a free mini-course and deliver it to readers by Email. The best part about this strategy is, aside from validating your idea, you are also building an email list for your paid course.

Strategy 2: You can put a ‘Coming Soon’ page explaining to readers what the course will cover then track the number of people clicking on the ‘Apply to Buy’ button.

It’s tough creating an online course especially when you’re doing it for the first time. So to make the process smooth and easy:

Have a clear course outline

Start small with a few lessons. You don’t need to create a big in-depth course that covers everything.

Decide what to cover in each lesson.

Don’t pack too much in one lesson. Have bite-sized lessons that will not tune out your students.

Set a Price

Think of the outcome of the course and set the price accordingly. A simple way to do this is by comparing your online course to other courses.

There is a difference though:

A course that tells students what to do would cost less as opposed to a course that shows them how to do it or a course that also offers dedicated support.

A course that solves a big and serious problem would equally cost more than a course prepared to solve a small problem.