Low-Cost Business Ideas You Can Start from Home(PART 1)

The growth of working at home has paved the way for stay-at-home moms to provide something for the family while raising their little ones. While it may not be easy, starting your own business at home could be the key to achieving your personal and work dreams. If you are not sure of the type of business you want to start, I have compiled a list of 15 business ideas perfect for any stay-at-home moms. I have divided it into three categories of 5 business ideas.

#1. Baking

Starting a home-baking business in Kenya isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of things you need to consider. Before taking this bold step, you need to have a few things in mind. But first;

Do you have a passion for baking and business?

If you want to start a home-baking business, make sure you have the passion for baking and business. Your passion will keep you going regardless of the pitfalls and the challenges you come across. Be ready to learn and equip yourself with the necessary skills whether through self-training or signing up for baking courses.

Do thorough market research

Choose a target market and the right location to sell your baked products. You need to have a list of the products that will be on your menu.

Do you have the capital?

Starting a home-baking business in Kenya requires approximately Sh100,000. This amount is for simple machinery and supplies. As opposed to bigger outlets that require a commercial oven alone selling at Sh400,000, this is an affordable price. Make a list of all the necessary equipment you need including pans and mixing equipment to have an estimate of the total amount.

Buy in bulk

When it comes to buying all the required raw materials like flour and sugar, make sure you buy in bulk. As opposed to stores, wholesale shops sell products at cheaper prices. If possible, ask your preferred wholesaler to give you a quotation so you know how much to budget for.

Registration and Licences

You don’t have to make this official immediately you begin. However, as you grow, think about registering and acquiring all the necessary licences. Make sure your business has a name and register it. Here is a simple way to do this:

Go to any Huduma Center near you and do a name search for your home business. This should cost you at least Sh100.

Register the name that passed and collect your certificate after one week. Registration should cost approximately Sh850.

You need a business permit from your county and a 6-month food handling certificate that costs Sh1000. Other documents you need to have include a 1-year food hygiene certificate at a cost of Sh300 and a Sh3,000 fire safety certificate. Visit your City Council Office to find out all the licences and permits your business requires.

Don’t strain too much because you don’t need a lot of space and commercial machinery to start a home-baking business. Shop for the simplest things to start and get everything else as you grow.

You don’t need unique recipes

There is competition and many SAHMs are embracing home-baking as a way to generate income while at home. This does not mean however that you need original products to have a unique recipe. Jazz up the basics and be creative with your ingredients to stand out from the competition. The secret is to maintain a consistent recipe. Try out the recipes, taste-test them and record the results once you have the desired results. Keep them standard if you want consistency throughout your menu.

You don’t need a client list but marketing is important

Sell your products to family and friends. Bake a cake for family functions or charitable events. These referrals will help you grow your business. Get a website and sell your services. You can also connect with potential customers via Facebook or Twitter. Keep your customers updated about new products and once in a while throw in special offers.

#2. Crochet Shaggy Mat

Making and selling shaggy mat is also a good way to earn some decent cash at home. The best thing about mat making is that you do not require a lot of money to start. You can start small and build a team with time when you start to handle bulk orders. To have a great final product, you need to acquire some practical skills. Find a mentor and get trained. Mat making training takes approximately 5 days and the charges can range anywhere from Sh1500 – Sh3000. If you can self-train, here is a video to guide you through the process.

Get all the materials you need

Buying your own materials reduces training charges. You need the right tools to startup so be sure to buy everything you need for your home-based mat making business. The good news is, you can get these materials locally at affordable prices. For a meter of a shaggy mat, you need:

  1. A crochet Sh.100
  2. Scissors Sh200
  3. Maker Pen Sh.200
  4. 25 Ball of Wool at Sh80 each
  5. Tapestry at Sh450 per meter.

If you are looking for the best rates, visit Biashara Street in Nairobi. Just like any other business, you need to have a good marketing plan to sell your mats. Have a few samples that you can show to potential buyers when you approach them. It takes at least 5 days to complete a 1-meter rag which you can sell at Sh7,000.

#3. Making Jewelry

Jewelry making is a competitive low-cost business that you can start from home. You don’t need connections or overhead costs to start this business. Even though the business is lucrative and competitive, it is very profitable if you know how to market your products.

You do not need any training to make jewelry but basic knowledge is important if you want to make great products that stand out. Stories from successful jewelry makers should be enough motivation to start out. With as low as Sh1000, you can buy all the necessary tools to make your first batch of jewelry to sell.

Making jewelry out of bones is the cheapest way to start out as a home-based jewelry maker. Collect bones from butcheries and train yourself how to carve necklaces and beautiful bracelets. Kenyan love art and trying new things especially when it’s about fashion.

#4. Photography

Photography pays and it pays very well. If you have a passion for it, then you need to start a photography business in Kenya. One of the best thing about photography is that is is always in high demand on holidays or during weekends.

But you can’t do everything

To grow as a photographer, you need to choose a specialization. Just like other fields, photography is very demanding and requires focus aside from the necessary skills and knowledge. You can shoot landscapes, weddings, nature or architecture. Professional photographers know they cannot be experts in all fields so generalization will not serve your clients well.

Buy the right equipment

Before rushing out to buy any model on the market, think about the camera and lenses that suits your area of specialization. A good model that delivers professional results;

  • Has the manual mode that lets you take total control over the exposure of an image
  • Offers ISO 1600+
  • Has a huge number of megapixels (not necessarily important though)
  • Is ergonomically designed so it feels comfortable in your hands

I love the Canon EOS 1300D because it is perfect for beginners working on a tight budget. It is easy to use, has eye-catching features and delivers solid image quality at an affordable cost. While it does not allow touchscreen control, this entry-level DSLR boasts high resolution screen, WiFi and NFC connectivity.

For convenience and the best experience, you will need:

  1. Computer
  2. Camera accessories like a tripod
  3. Different lenses
  4. Extra batteries
  5. Flash
  6. Latest photo editing software

Look at other photographers prices and fix up your rates to make them reasonable and competitive.

Have an attractive portfolio

Clients want to see proof of your talent and professionalism. Having a great portfolio will help you land new assignments especially if it is targeted to your particular audience. Have a website and create a social media profile to promote your services.

#5. Catering

It’s easy to put your cooking skills to good use if you are thinking of starting a small business. Catering is another business idea you can start from home will very little capital. It is all about providing food or cooking services at a strategic place like hotels, weddings and parties depending on the contract. It doesn’t mean that you have to provide lunch for 200 business people at a cooperate event. You can start small with parties for 30 or dinners for 10.

Kenyans have embraced the call-in caterers phenomenon. Unlike the normal practice where you have to cook for your guests, people now invite trained/self-taught caterers to cook at their homes for a small fee. Many people prefer professional cooking to having neighbors or relatives prepare meals for their small parties. If you believe in your cooking skills, then this is a work-at-home business that I highly recommend. If you’ve made up your mind about starting a catering business, then here are a few things you need to know.

Just like any other business, offering catering services to clients requires passion. You need to love what you do to reap the profits.

Have the necessary qualifications

One thing that sets you apart from other caterers in the industry is certification. Having a profitable catering bushiness means that you need to be an exceptional chef with strict hygienic standards. The best way to build up your knowledge is to attend a catering school. There is also the advantage of acquiring a certificate which adds a feather to your cap.

Develop entrepreneurial skills

If you truly want to succeed as a work-at-home caterer, you need to develop your entrepreneurial skills. Some skills that you’ll need to polish include:

  • Self-confidence
  • Persuasion and negotiation skills
  • Marketing skill
  • Sales skill
  • People management skill
  • Accounting e.t.c

What type of catering service do you want to offer? Find your niche

As usual, you cannot be an expert in everything. Think about the type of catering services you want to offer to best meet the needs of your customers. Do you want to be an indoor or outdoor caterer? Will you serve hotels, specific companies or fast foods? Your decision will either break or make your business. You may choose to cater for:

  • Special events
  • Social events
  • Community affairs
  • Cooperates

Find a niche that the competition has overlooked or settle with one that you feel you can excel at. As a small home-based caterer, you may not have the capacity to cater a large wedding of more that 100 guests, but you could cater wedding showers. You can also offer your services during engagement parties or bachelorette parties comfortably.

What will you cook?

Another important thing you must decide on before you start your business is the type of food you want to cook. Making this decision also helps you determine the course you will take in catering school or the clients to serve.You can specialize on:

  • Local dishes
  • African dishes
  • Continental dishes
  • Intercontinental dishes

Create a menu

Having a menu is important because it is one of the first things your clients will ask for before you begin the negotiations. Think about different items to match different tastes or demands even if you specialize in one type of meal. Your menu should have foods you are comfortable cooking with ingredients that you can source locally. You may want to consider offering vegan meals for clients who don’t eat meat. The bottom line is, base your menu on your specialties and what your target market wants.


Pricing is always a challenge but make sure you price the items well so that you stay competitive while making a profit. You can determine your charges depending on:

Where you live

The cost of the ingredients

The time you take to prepare a dish

The profit margin you want to achieve

Research and find out how other caterers charge so that you don’t over-price or under-price.

Collect honest opinions

Now that you have a menu, organize a small scale party with a few friends and family and have them test-taste your dishes. Ask for honest feedback on the services and the food. If there are areas you need to improve, keep adjusting until you get positive feedback.

Establish the business

Create a business plan that covers all the extra investment you’ll need to get started and the first 3 months of both revenues and expenses. Collect all the required licences from the county you live including a business license, a food handler’s license and approval from the health department after inspecting your kitchen.

Buy the necessary equipment

The equipment you use depends on the service you offer and the size of your catering outfit. At a minimum though, you need serving utensils and platters. Have the right items to keep food hot or cold. You also need linens, napkins and table decorations. For outdoor events, you can also offer tent canopies. Invest in a means of transport like a van so it is easy and fast to transport food to different locations. Because you are working from home, you can rent catering equipment and a van as you start out.

Other items you need include:

  1. Food storage containers
  2. Blender
  3. Freezer
  4. Mixers
  5. Microwave
  6. Rolling carts
  7. Coolers
  8. Oven e.t.c

One last tip

Always dress professionally and don’t forget to carry and extra apron or shirt in case of messes.

Raising Boys One Day at a Time as a Proud Single Mom

I’m not asking for approval; I love that I’m perfectly imperfect. I’m raising boys that I hope will one day turn out to be better, strong men in the society. I want them to love and respect their women so I’m raising them to leave me. I’m raising my boys one day at a time and I love it.

As I sit down to write this, my 5-year old is outdoors with his friends. My little man is sleeping and I’m left with lots of questions about raising boys. Am I doing it right? What can I do to make sure they turn out to be better men in the society? Will they love their women and stick by them through thick and thin? Do I need a male figure around here to show them what is right and what’s not? I have a lot of questions.

You see, I’m the type of single mom raised by a single mom in a family of girls and only one boy. Last time I saw a REAL male figure around our house 24/7 was back in 1999 before God decided that it was time for him to rest. 5, 10, 15, 19 years down the line and it is my turn to give my boys a MEANINGFUL life. Am I doing the right thing?

Growing up without a father I’ve always wanted to have the male figure around so that I can say “I want my future husband to be like my father”. I mean, with him around, it would be easy to know what to look for in a man and the kind of man to walk away from. I am a daughter, but what about the Fatherless son? Heck, my brother turned out right and I see how he treats his lady. But at times I still get the chills. I get scared raising boys and wondering how they will turn out.

I’m Proud of my Perfect Imperfections

Perfectionism has never been my default setting so I can’t restore factory settings. Even though I worry at times, I don’t let these questions control my life let alone my day. I’m raising my boys one day at a time and I don’t care what someone else thinks.

I’m the mom who (even though I listen) sieves out any unimportant detail that I know will add no value to my life. Sure, I want to do everything right so that my boys turn out to be BETTER, MATURE MEN. I mean, every single mom wants this, but when is the right time to pat yourself on the back, smile and say, I’ve done my best?

I keep checking on my son every five minutes to make sure he does not fall, get hurt or worse off leave my sight and go play somewhere else. Perfectionism, I can’t work with this. I’m letting him be. So I’ll just sit here, write, and wait for him to come home when he is tired or bored. Crossing my fingers he gets bored soon so that he comes back and I can lock the door until tomorrow 😀 (On a light note).

Back to my main point; I’m not perfect. Heck, no one is! I make mistakes as a mom. I make decisions that affect my boys at times, I don’t give him snacks for school every day, I forget to change my son’s diapers when I’m tired, I extend his punishments and at times I find myself pouring out my frustrations on them.

I may feel like I’m not doing it right but I’m doing the best I can. Perhaps my best isn’t good enough but who do I want to please? I choose to give a deaf ear to those who think my parenting sucks because I’m damn proud of the single mom I am. For me, it all comes down to God and my sons. They are the only people I need validation from.

The Statistics on Raising Boys without a Father

It gives me the chills just to think about it but I don’t want to ignore the statistics. Fatherless sons suffer more emotional and psychological problems than male-headed families. I try not to think about the percentage and do my best to remove my boys from the statistics. It’s tough especially when I have to answer my son’s question about why I don’t want his father to live with us. According to my boy, I don’t want him to live with us. When he stares blankly at the walls, I get worried and try to read his thoughts. Talking to him tells me there’s a lot going on in his mind. He is only 5 but he understands things fast.

Then there is the horror of drugs, depression, robbery and any form of bad behavior you can think of. My worst nightmare; not only as a single mom but also as a parent. This may not only affect my boys because I’m a single mom but in general, boys are nine times likely to engage in crime than girls. Of course, fatherless sons take the larger percentage. How do I raise my boys to be GENTLEMEN?

Raising Boys as a Single Mom

It’s hard but it is not impossible. Anything I know they cannot learn from me, I have my brother to show them the right thing to do. Thank God because my brother, even though he is just fresh from campus, turned out to be more than a gentleman. The best part is that he knows there are some things he cannot do where my 5-year old boy is.

“…because I saw bro do it.” (He also calls him bro) I love when I hear him answer some of my questions like this. I’m never short of male role models so this doesn’t scare me at all.

Perhaps what I ponder about most is when it is just us in the house. Still, I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve to make sure they grow up as real men. I will only applaud my success a few years later but my efforts don’t look futile.

20 Lessons for my Boys

  1. It is Okay to be Competitive but no B@&#$*t About Winner Take it All
  2. Accept your mistakes and learn to apologize for them
  3. Appreciate what you have and understand that you can’t get what you want every time
  4. Make friends wherever you go and interact with at least two adults. Shake hands, smile, maintain eye contact and ask about their day
  5. You have the right to express your feeling but don’t go beyond the limit when you are angry or hurt because there will be consequences
  6. Brush your shoes after school, wash your hands, take the dishes to the sink, have a bath and put on your clothes (and anything in between you can do as a 5-year old)
  7. Say PLEASE, THANK YOU and EXCUSE ME whenever necessary
  8. Pick up anything that falls and put it back where it was even if you didn’t drop it
  9. Learn to share with your brother and friends
  10. Explore and enjoy the outdoors. I don’t mind washing your clothes as long as you assure me you had fun and made a new friend
  11. Smile. Don’t keep a frown face every time.
  12. Turn the other cheek when your friends are rude to you. Don’t fight or talk back to them.
  13. When you fall, get up, shake off the dirt and do it again
  14. Do what you love and love what you do
  15. You don’t have to be the first in your class, rather do your best and be proud of it
  16. “I love you mummy” will always earn you a hug and a goodnight kiss J
  17. There are consequences when you do something bad
  18. Learn to live around people and take care of your brother
  19. Treat everyone the way you want them to treat you
  20. Say a prayer before you eat or retire to bed

Raising Boys who will Love and Respect their Women

I’m raising my boys a day at a time. I’m raising them to leave me and love their women more than they love me. I’m not worried because I know mummy will always have a place in their hearts.

Being in some failed relationships, I know how I want someone to treat me as a lady. I want a gentleman who does not make me cry, who does not take me for granted or cheat. I’ve had a bitter taste of all these. I don’t want my boys to do the same to any woman. I want them to learn to love and respect their women just like they would their mother. Of course a different kind of love (when they find a good woman). I want my boys to be strong and respectful men who value women and treat them well. How do I raise them to be one of these men?

Model what Respect for Women Looks Like

As a woman, I need my sons to see a female figure who expects fair and kind treatment. They also need male figures in their lives who know how to treat women so that they can model what it looks like. Respecting women has to look like a normal way for men to act.

Bury the ‘For Girls’ Notion

I don’t give my son the chance to insist that activity X is for girls and activity Z is for boys. He knows that he can wash the dishes like everyone else or sweep the floor when he makes a mess. I make sure he does not think that anything feminine is negative. I want to introduce him to strong female role models so that he understands girls are not less than boys.

Self Respect

One of the ways to teach boys to respect women is to teach them how to respect themselves. My boys need to have confidence and build their self-esteem. They need to know that respect is a two-way street. It is human and it starts with them.

Sex Ed

No, I’m not here yet but I know the time will come; just a few years left. I don’t want my boys to learn everything from the media or from their peers. I want to play a role in this too. It looks and feels awkward but I choose to play a part in their sex lives. They need to know how to treat women with respect even when it comes to sex. They need to understand the importance of consent.

It’s Okay to Love Mummy a Little Less

I don’t want to have a mama’s boy. I want my sons to know that they need to love their wives and it is okay to love me a little less. I want them to choose who to love and they need to know that I will love whoever they love. It is okay to love their women more than me and I will not love them less when they do it.

Am I the perfect parent? No! Am I proud? Damn, right I am. I’m giving it my best and this is all that matters. Perhaps my parenting skills are not the best but it is not a competition. I’m raising boys one day at a time and I hope they will be better men in the society.

Pregnant and Single? Here’s what to Expect

Going solo as a mom-to-be is tough. The next nine months will be full of challenges and days of emotional breakdown.

Pregnancy is one of those experiences that you just can’t hold from the world. All the beautiful memories that come with the little life growing inside you are moments you want to record until the last day.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same experience. Sometimes life takes a different turn, especially when you realize you are doing it on your own for the very first time.

My first pregnancy was the best experience, but I can’t say the same about my second. What I went through is an experience I wouldn’t wish on any mom-to-be. There’s nothing worse like being pregnant and single. I was seven days late and dating myself (my relationship just hit rock bottom). 

The first month was tough because I couldn’t stop panicking, and I had no one to share my feelings. Despite the mixed reactions that went through my head, I chose to keep my unborn child, and it is a decision I can never regret. My sons are my joy, and they add meaning to my life.

It was tough breaking the news to my family, but then I found out there was no need to worry. I have the most supportive family, and I would never trade them for anything. My feeling is justified though, being pregnant and single stirs up a feeling from deep within that you wouldn’t expect. Never had I expected to be pregnant and single.

Having a supportive family back at home has made me grow to be the strong single mother I am today. Of course, I wouldn’t want to do it over again, but given a chance, I would choose to have these amazing champs running around my house every day.

If you are going through this tough step in your life – being single and pregnant – here’s what you can expect. I’ve read numerous posts that touch on the same topic, but I realized most of them don’t have the Kenyan touch. So today, I share my experience, the common challenges I went through and hope that I will be able to speak to another single mom-to-be.

The Single Mom with no Help

Don’t spend the better time of your pregnancy trying to bring a man on board in an experience he isn’t interested in being part of. Doing this will stress the hell out of you, and we all know this isn’t good for the baby.

If you are more for keeping the baby than a grown man who decided to walk away, then you need to make sure you stay as healthy as possible for the sake of your unborn child.

I know it is essential for the father to play a role and be present in his child’s life, but what’s the use if you are trying to force it. This won’t turn out well for your unborn child when he/she joins this world, so let him be.

If you are a new mom-to-be, get ready for interrupted sleep without anyone to swap turns with. Be prepared to go for CWC (Child Welfare Clinics) alone and giving birth alone. It’s a bit depressing to think about these things, but it is the reality, and I want to keep it 100 percent real with you, mama.

I went through the same, and I know hundreds of moms share the same experience. While it appears normal these days, there is that feeling of loneliness and the worry of doing everything alone. Instead of thinking about all these and focusing your energy on things that pull you down, let me give you something to distract your mind.

Gather all the information you need

By information, I mean you need to collect data about the most affordable hospitals around you, daycares, and anything in between. Nine months might seem a bit long, but it is not mama. From the months of feeling nauseated to the late months when you eat almost anything, days will move faster than you’d expect.

Hopefully, you are paying your monthly NHIF dues because it will help you nine months down the line. I’m not sure about how the Free Maternity Program works, but I’ve seen a few moms benefit from it.

The government had introduced this program back in 2013, but there were some hiccups with hospitals complaining of late reimbursements. I did a little research on the same in 2016, and I was advised to get an NHIF cover. From the information I collected, pregnant moms would have NHIF cards topped up with 6k that catered for maternity. You can fill me in on this because I never used mine.

Have a plan underway because you never know whether you’ll have a normal delivery or go the cesarean section way. I’d hoped for the normal delivery, but it wasn’t the case. You might want to consider the possibility of asking for child support.

Much as the dad isn’t physically involved, he may be able to help, so don’t let your pride get in the way. This could make things a lot easier, but if you can go without it, by all means, go without. Don’t file for child support out of spite, do it because you genuinely need financial assistance.

It’s okay to be angry

No one will judge you if you are mad that this man wants nothing to do with your unborn child. This is perfectly okay, and I had experienced these feelings so many times when I was pregnant with my second child.

I understand that you feel frustrated because you have to go through parenting alone. Don’t put all your energy on this though because it isn’t good for the baby. There’s nothing good that will come out of your resentment for him except more anger, frustration, and worse off, depression.

While you are busy sulking all day, this man (depending on his nature) is somewhere doing something more productive (I hope). He is not thinking about you, so get your act together and move on.

Spend this time preparing for your child and be ready to give him enough love for two.

Build Your Support Group

While you feel you are entirely alone, I assure you that you are not. Lots of moms are going through the same. I love Facebook Groups because they make it possible to find an active support group. Whether single or not, there are lots of pregnant women who are looking for support groups to celebrate their joys and share their fears.

Of course, your family and closest friends are the best and most supportive people, but it doesn’t hurt to check out and join groups of women going through the same experience as you are. I remember joining The December Babies WhatsApp Group via Pregnant and Nursing Moms Facebook Group.

I loved it because most of us were single moms, and it was so encouraging learning from moms who had been through the same situation more than once. There were days we would complain about our men and days when we would thank them for giving us the best gifts.

Well aside from this, we would talk about shopping (baby clothes of course), the most affordable hospitals in town, and then there were those days when we would talk about the sex cravings. It was a fantastic group.

Before this group, I felt so lonely and depressed 90 percent of the time. I would cry myself to sleep and refuse to get out of bed in the morning. You need such a support group if you want to pull through the next few months.

It’s Time to go Shopping

Don’t worry because I’ll be touching on the most affordable items you’ll need as a new mom. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider buying second-hand clothes.

Muthurwa and Gikomba have the best yet affordable baby clothes in Nairobi. I’m not sure about other towns, but I was lucky to find some cute Mitumba clothes in Naivasha for my son.

You can also go for the hand-me-down clothes (my mother is so good at keeping baby clothes that my first son was lucky to wear a few of my brother’s hand-me-downs). There are a few items like diapers that you can get a good deal if you consider buying them in bulk.

Here are the Essential Items you will need at the Hospital for you and your newborn baby

  • 2 packets of baby diapers – newborn size (I’d recommend you go for Pampers the first time, but this depends on your budget)
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby powder
  • Vaseline (always good for newborns)
  • Mild baby soap
  • 4 baby vests
  • 2 sweaters
  • 1 Baby blanket
  • 3 Baby Shawls
  • 4-6 Rompers
  • 2 baby hats
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of mittens

For you:

  • 2 lesos
  • Cotton wool
  • A few maternity clothes
  • Toiletries

Find Out Your Due Date

You’ll want to make an appointment with your doctor to find out your due date. This is very important because you want to be ready when the time comes. I used My Period Calendar App to track my progress and keep up to date with the current months as my baby grew slowly in my womb.

If you are in good terms with your baby’s father, you can bring him along when the time comes. It’s still okay if you go alone. My family was with me all the time, and I always had someone to help me out.

I went to all my doctor’s appointments alone, and at times I wish I had someone to give me the emotional support I needed or share in my joy as I had my first Ultra Sound or when I first found out my baby’s gender. If you can lean on any family member during these times, please do so.

Don’t Ignore the Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a common occurrence amongst most women during pregnancy, and it may be worse if you are pregnant and single. You don’t have to suffer in silence if you are going through a phase. Most women may not even realize if they are suffering from depression. Some common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Overeating
  • Feeling of emptiness
  • Lack of energy
  • Suicidal thoughts

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you have these symptoms.

Dealing with “Where is the Dad” Question

I don’t understand why this question comes up a lot. How well can you handle the question? Do you have the right answer for it? Expect to deal with it throughout pregnancy and even as you raise your child.

Here is a pro tip: the more confident you’ll appear, the less likely you’ll hear this question. I read some excellent books on parenting and motivation, including Ryuho Okawa’s Laws of Courage and Wale Akinyemi’s book on Creative Thinking that gave me a boost of confidence as days flew by.

Don’t Struggle to do it all

Parenting is tough, and single parenting is tougher because there are a lot of things you have to do alone. Much as you will be a super mom in your child’s eyes, don’t feel the pressure to play two roles.

Don’t try to be both a mom and dad at the same time. This will only make you feel overworked and overtired. You’ve got a whole village so don’t push away anyone willing to offer a helping hand.

It’s okay to ask for help, and it is equally healthy to recharge once in a while. In the meantime, though, focus on being the best single mom, you can be to your child and don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Surviving on a single income

Budgeting is tough, but you have to do it if you want to survive. Be smart, tough, and do your best to get all your finances in order. If you do not rely on any other financial support, then money will stress you out. You have to worry about paying the bills, buying food and saving money.

If you are having a hard time making ends meet, you might want to try out some work-at-home jobs that do not require a lot of money to start. Try to live within your means and cut your expenses as much as you can. Save enough money that will cover your maternity costs and keep away enough to see you in the first few months before you resume work.

Being pregnant and single is tough. There are days when you will feel like giving up. Other days, you will fall into depression, but I know you can do it. Being a single mom isn’t tough if you know what to expect. Things would be a lot easier if he accepted taking this new step with you, but unfortunately, he didn’t. Don’t let this be the end of you – remember you need to keep your stress level in check for the sake of your baby.