Happy Mother’s Day

You were the first place I ever lived

You walked before me when I was a child

Behind me when I was a teenager

Now you’re more than a mother

A friend walking by my side

And enjoying this life together

I’m sorry for the days I let you down

Thank you for the woman that I am

I would never want anything more

Than being your daughter

You Don’t Have to Love me Back

I love you and I’m not going to fight it

I wish I could say it’s okay that you don’t love me

But it’s not

I’m not okay

I want you to love me back

But I can’t tell your heart to pick me

Yes, I love you

And it’s breaking me to pieces

Knowing you don’t feel the same

You just want me to be happy

I get it so please let me feel this

Let me love you

You don’t have to love me back

I don’t want anything from you

Nothing in return

No promises or lifetime commitments

I’ll carry the blame for breaking my heart

Just let me love you

Because these feelings won’t go away

Can We Still Be Friends

Don’t act too surprised by my question

I know we didn’t end things well

Probably wondering why I’ve been calling

But amid all this pressure

I could use a friend as caring as you

Perhaps help save this empty soul somehow

It’s a simple question with a lot of depth, I know

But can we be friends?

I was thinking about Marie, your sister

Did she make it to college?

I remember how we used to joke about Joe

And how he didn’t want her to leave town

Are they still together?

How about you?

Did the job finally pay off?

I’m just curious you see

I know we didn’t end things too well

I’m not ready to end it all

Because we had something good

Can we at least be friends?

Did you meet somebody else?

No, don’t answer that

At least tell me if you think about me too

Because I can’t get you off my mind

I’m Still Here

Dear lover ex-lover,

I was willing to take a city

But you had to go all big

And promise me the world

Look at me now

Struggling to separate myself

From all these promises you made

Every word you said that included forever.

I loved you so much

I was not ready to be alone

Look at me now

Struggling to un-love you

Spending every time of my day

Trying to un-feel what my heart felt for so long

The hugs and kisses

And all the excitement I felt when I was with you.

All your feelings are gone

You are gone

But I’m still here

Trying to un-love you

Lower my expectations

And reduce my attention

What do I do with all these beautiful memories?

All these things that remind me how much I miss you?

I hate how I feel

Thinking about how unreal all these moments were

Wondering why you had to forget me so fast

I know I will never have my answer

Yet I yearn so much to know

All I know right now is that you are no longer mine

But I’m still here

Loving you silently


I’m counting down the days

It’s almost here

Neither one would get to thirty without the other

We had a deal

Are you doing okay?

Or should we make us work?

I’m still here waiting for you

No one seems to replace you

You were special this I agree

You still are my missing piece there’s no doubt

Will I be with you at thirty?

Or should I move on and be okay?

I’m Afraid to Tell You I Love You

I’m afraid to tell you how I feel

How much I love you

How much I care

So many feelings in my heart

So many emotions I want to let out

What would you do if I did?

What would you do if I said I love you?

I search for words across the room as you stare at me

They hang in the air between us

I’m afraid to tell you how much I love you

I wish I could look up and scan your eyes

I don’t know what you would say if I did

Would you tell me that you love me too?

Or maybe you will not repeat it

My words come out all crooked

My voice lacks sincerity as I ask about your day

I die a little every day when I don’t hear your voice

But I’m afraid to tell you how much I love you

Because I’m not ready to know how you feel

Can We Make it Work?

There’s this picture I have of you

My perfect man, my Mr. Right

I build fantasies around this perfect man

But I forget one thing, you can’t be perfect

You are enough for me

I want us to fight

But promise me we will make up

I want to spend a day away from you

But promise you will cuddle me when you come back

I’m sorry for creating this perfect picture of you

Overseeing all the flaws that make you different

I want it all; your strength, your weakness and yourself

Stay with me and we’ll fix us

You plus me equals a relationship I want the world to know

For the sake of the good days love

Please let’s make it work

I Lost You

I have lost you we can agree
It’s fair, I shall not fight
You deserve better my love I won’t dispute
These tears are justified
You were worth more than I could give
My smile is for the days that were worthwhile
I held back for I wanted it to work
If I had loved you less we wouldn’t be here
You were mine, I wasn’t yours
I shall recount nothing but the good days
For those were the moments I was ever alive

You are Worth Fighting For

These hours are days I keep counting

Hoping that one day I’ll hold you close

I stay strong but I know I can’t my love

Because you are worth every minute of my time

I wish you knew how you make me feel

When I fall it’s your thought that keeps me moving

I can’t hold these tears anymore

I wish I could have fought for you

Your frown is a hundred knives through my heart

I wish I could keep you happy all the time

I can’t my love you know this is impossible

I wish I could do anything to make this last forever

But I’m just a shy girl sitting in a corner

As I watch you leave me behind

I pray that the next chapter will be better than this

Nothing counts more than your happiness you see

I wish I was your happiness as you were to me

I can’t give you the world darling you know this is true

But I don’t want to drag you to hell with me

I want you. I just don’t know how to fight

I’m weak I know but that’s my strength sometimes