Can We Still Be Friends

Don’t act too surprised by my question

I know we didn’t end things well

Probably wondering why I’ve been calling

But amid all this pressure

I could use a friend as caring as you

Perhaps help save this empty soul somehow

It’s a simple question with a lot of depth, I know

But can we be friends?

I was thinking about Marie, your sister

Did she make it to college?

I remember how we used to joke about Joe

And how he didn’t want her to leave town

Are they still together?

How about you?

Did the job finally pay off?

I’m just curious you see

I know we didn’t end things too well

I’m not ready to end it all

Because we had something good

Can we at least be friends?

Did you meet somebody else?

No, don’t answer that

At least tell me if you think about me too

Because I can’t get you off my mind

I’m Afraid to Tell You I Love You

I’m afraid to tell you how I feel

How much I love you

How much I care

So many feelings in my heart

So many emotions I want to let out

What would you do if I did?

What would you do if I said I love you?

I search for words across the room as you stare at me

They hang in the air between us

I’m afraid to tell you how much I love you

I wish I could look up and scan your eyes

I don’t know what you would say if I did

Would you tell me that you love me too?

Or maybe you will not repeat it

My words come out all crooked

My voice lacks sincerity as I ask about your day

I die a little every day when I don’t hear your voice

But I’m afraid to tell you how much I love you

Because I’m not ready to know how you feel

Can We Make it Work?

There’s this picture I have of you

My perfect man, my Mr. Right

I build fantasies around this perfect man

But I forget one thing, you can’t be perfect

You are enough for me

I want us to fight

But promise me we will make up

I want to spend a day away from you

But promise you will cuddle me when you come back

I’m sorry for creating this perfect picture of you

Overseeing all the flaws that make you different

I want it all; your strength, your weakness and yourself

Stay with me and we’ll fix us

You plus me equals a relationship I want the world to know

For the sake of the good days love

Please let’s make it work

I’m Afraid You’ll Say You Love Me

I want to tell you how I’m feeling right now

But I’m afraid you’ll say you feel the same way

I want to tell you how you complete my day

How you make me feel alive inside

And how much your presence makes me feel like a queen

I’m just afraid you’ll say you feel the same way

I like you. No. I love you.

I know I do. I’ve never felt this strongly about someone

Your heartbeat matches mine

Your smile makes me gaze in awe

You’re more than I could ever ask

I want to tell you all these

I’m just afraid you’ll return the love

No, I’m not ready to tell you I love you

Because I know you’ll say you love me too

This Girl Next Door

I love you

Everyday I’m convinced about this

At least in my head I am

You’re everything I want

You’re perfect and you’re enough for me

I think of you everyday

I dream about you every night

When I wake up you’re not by my side

I’m convinced that you’re mine

I’m just too shy to tell you this

I watch you from a far

Hoping that one day you’ll notice me

That you’ll feel exactly the way that I do or more

But to you, I’m just the girl next door

You’re my fantasy man

My light and my breath

In my head it’s the perfect scripture

Where do I get the courage to tell you all these?

I Love You

I’m not perfect at what I do

Neither do I have the courage of a lion

I’ve had enough time to learn this king of beasts

And my zodiac sign says

I share a lot with the Panthera Leo

So let’s skip these cat and dog fights

We both know neither will win

We have lots in common

But what makes us perfect for each other

Are the differences we try to hide

You give my life meaning I bring peace to yours

So whether ‘You’re the light of my life’ sounds a cliché

I’ll use it over and over again

Because you shine bright as day

You make me whole

And my life slows down when you’re not here

I’m tired of spending days without you

Just because my ego refuses to bow to defeat 

You and I are perfect for one another

You can’t have beginnings without endings

Happiness without peace of mind is useless

And you are both of these to me

I love you

And if I have to spend the rest of my life proving it

I’m ready to do it.


I’m sorry I get a little jealous sometimes

It’s because you are the best thing

That has ever happened

To me in a long time

I get scared of losing you

And the thought of you getting

Someone else who could make

You happier than I do scares me

I love you and my

Insecurities make me act up

I’m scared that one day

You’ll get bored and

Not want me anymore

Maybe I won’t be good enough

And I won’t be able to convince you

That I’m the same girl you wanted

I’m afraid because I know

One day I might screw up

And you will walk away

I want to continue writing

This love story with you

So please reassure me

That you are here to stay

And that no matter what

You will always be here.

I Love You

I’ve been too busy counting the stars

Wishing on shooting stars

I could not see my dreams come true

I was close to losing you

My priceless and rare gem

I’ve been looking for love in the wrong places

Chasing after the wrong people

Hoping to find happiness in hearts so cold

You were honest and real

But my favorite thing about you is

You are present.

I’m holding on to you because you are rare

The stars will always be there

So I’ll put my focus on you my love

Because you are my moon

Different and special in your own way.

No one compares to you

I promise to love you with everything I have

I’ll take care of you

Because life will not give me this chance again

This is Why I Love You

You ask me numerous times why I love you 

I’m not speechless because I don’t feel something for you 

I’m speechless because I don’t know where to start 

I’m not sure if I’d ever get to the end 

I love you because you took your time to know me 

Watching and loving me from a distance 

And even though it killed every part of your soul

Seeing me smile (with someone else) was enough satisfaction 

I love you because you are my number one cheerleader 

You believe in me more than I even believe in myself 

Your strength, courage, and confidence makes me feel safe around you 

At times I want to be like you, but then I remember 

You’re already a part of me, so I should reach where you set the bar for us

I love you because I can be myself around you 

And on those days when I don’t recognize the girl on the mirror 

You remind me how priceless I am 

You were patient enough to sit and wait for me to accept the scars that were formed in my past aches 

For me, every scar told a sad story 

But to you, they were a reminder of how strong a woman I am

They are beautiful, you said 

Why would I not fall in love with you?

My heart would not resist 

Every second with you is precious 

Every minute away from you seems like forever 

To the end of the world, I will love you 

To the moon and back, you are my shining star 

My best friend, my mentor and my lover

I love you, baby.

Thank You for Choosing Me

Thank you for choosing me

Thank you for choosing to love me

Thank you because you chose to stay

Thank you for helping me heal my broken parts

Thank you for leading and guiding me

Thank you for protecting me

Thank you for breathing back life into my dead soul

Thank you for wanting me next to you

Thank you for giving me your heart

Thank you for making me smile

Thank you for the days you never gave up on me

Thank you for showing me the real you

Thank you for helping me realize who I am

Thank you for the days and nights

With you I feel like every new day is a new adventure

With my heart and soul,

I love you