Darling I Wish You Well

There are dreams I had and

Places I wished we would go

There are stories I’d tell

Of the love we shared and how it blossomed

There are things I craved for us

Yet here I am wishing you well as you start a new

Times have been tough

You are one lover I’ll forever remember

And even though we were not meant to be

I wish you well my love

There are memories I’ll live to remember

Laughter I’ll forever cherish

And painful moments I’ll keep to myself

For the sake of the years we shared

My love I wish you well

As you move forward

On this path we both hope for the best

I ask for nothing but the best for you

Forgive my faults please my darling

I made mistakes, we both did

Cherish the love and hold on to it

Because I will always hold on to you

Darling I wish you well as you start a new

I wish you well

I Wish You Well

Your new family looks great,

Your wife smiles like an angel,

You must have taken your time before choosing her,

I dropped a tear when I held your son,

For a moment I wished he was ours.

This would have been us,

Today would have been our second anniversary,

But I had to go mess things up.

Is it bad that I’m not over you yet?

I mean I wish you the best,

But I’m not ready to be happy for you,

Because the wound is still fresh,

The guilt alive.

I still had a little hope of an ‘us’,

Now I know it will never be,

So let me wish you well.