One Day You Will Miss This Girl

One day you will miss this girl who loved you 

This girl who cried for you

This girl who asked you to stay again and again 

This girl who said sorry even when she was not on the wrong 

This girl who treated you like a king even when you didn’t feel like one 

This girl who loved you beyond measure 

The girl who tried to prove to you how much she was better

How much she was worth it 

How much she was the one 

How much you deserved her 

One day you will miss this girl who loved you more than you felt you deserved 

One day you know you will miss this girl who chose you

Who tried to fix you even when she was broken 

One day you will miss this girl who trusted you without asking questions 

This girl who cared for you 

This girl who dropped everything to be by your side when you needed her 

This girl you never bothered to check on 

You never bothered to answer her calls 

This girl, you never bothered to reply to her messages 

This girl, you made excuses anytime you were supposed to meet 

One day you will miss this girl who thought you were the one 

Who was sure you were the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with 

One day you will miss this girl who made you smile when you were down 

Who cheered you up and encouraged you even when she had nothing to hold on to 

One day you will miss this girl who gave and gave and gave 

Emptied her basket and you never filled hers 

One day you will miss this girl who thought you were the best thing life had given her

I know one day you will miss this girl who wished you the best even when you didn’t care 

Who prayed for you even when you were out getting drunk and having fun 

One day you will miss this girl who waited for you, but you never showed up 

This girl who set your plate on the table but still ate alone

One day you will miss this girl who went to bed alone because you had better things to do than stay the night 

One day I know you will miss this girl who loved you more than she loved herself

Sagittarius Woman

I’m Afraid You’ll Say You Love Me

I want to tell you how I’m feeling right now

But I’m afraid you’ll say you feel the same way

I want to tell you how you complete my day

How you make me feel alive inside

And how much your presence makes me feel like a queen

I’m just afraid you’ll say you feel the same way

I like you. No. I love you.

I know I do. I’ve never felt this strongly about someone

Your heartbeat matches mine

Your smile makes me gaze in awe

You’re more than I could ever ask

I want to tell you all these

I’m just afraid you’ll return the love

No, I’m not ready to tell you I love you

Because I know you’ll say you love me too

This Girl Next Door

I love you

Everyday I’m convinced about this

At least in my head I am

You’re everything I want

You’re perfect and you’re enough for me

I think of you everyday

I dream about you every night

When I wake up you’re not by my side

I’m convinced that you’re mine

I’m just too shy to tell you this

I watch you from a far

Hoping that one day you’ll notice me

That you’ll feel exactly the way that I do or more

But to you, I’m just the girl next door

You’re my fantasy man

My light and my breath

In my head it’s the perfect scripture

Where do I get the courage to tell you all these?

I Want To Be There For You

I don’t care whether we’re together or not

I want to be there for you

I want to be your go-to person

When you feel blue

I want to listen to you

When you feel no one else understands

I want to hear about your dreams and goals

I want to be your source of strength

I want to be you shoulder

I know all this sounds cliché

But I want to be the person who

Gives you comfort when no one else can

I want to smile when you do

And cry when you do

I want to hold your hand

When you’re too tired to walk

And pick you up when you fall

I want to be the person you find comfort in

I want some peace of mind

And knowing that you’re okay will give me that

Don’t be shy to come to me when

You need someone to talk to

I don’t care about our differences

I don’t know this type of relationship

All I know is

I want to be there for you

Have You Seen The Man I Love?

If you see my man, please tell him to come home 

I call him Papi I don’t know about you 

If you do, please tell him I’m waiting for him 

I’m cold and lonely 

With so much love to give 

He’s out there somewhere 

Watching and waiting 

Or perhaps pampering another’s heart 

If you see my man, 

Please let him know 

There’s a woman out there waiting for him 

She’s tall with fairly light skin 

Black eyes, short hair and a figure he’ll love 

If he won’t care for all these, 

Please tell him 

She’s got a heart of gold 

Although lonely 

Her beauty matches her brains 

She’s the ideal wife 

Please tell my man to come home 

I’ll be here waiting for him 

With all the love and care 

He won’t look for another 

©Words From Her life

I Love You

I’ve been too busy counting the stars

Wishing on shooting stars

I could not see my dreams come true

I was close to losing you

My priceless and rare gem

I’ve been looking for love in the wrong places

Chasing after the wrong people

Hoping to find happiness in hearts so cold

You were honest and real

But my favorite thing about you is

You are present.

I’m holding on to you because you are rare

The stars will always be there

So I’ll put my focus on you my love

Because you are my moon

Different and special in your own way.

No one compares to you

I promise to love you with everything I have

I’ll take care of you

Because life will not give me this chance again

This Perfectly Imperfect Love

There’s nothing like a perfect relationship

It is through our imperfections, heartaches, and fights

That I understand why I suffer when you are away

Our relationship may not be perfect to others

It may not be other people’s dream

But you are my dream

My perfectly imperfect lover

If I had to choose one more time

I’d choose us

Our perfectly imperfect love,

The breakup and makeup

The fights that remind me

I have someone next to me

The confidence

That surrounds the words ‘I love you’

That reminds me why

We are never unapologetic to be us

Everyone fights and we all fall

Every relationship has its flaws

It is these imperfections

That makes our love so perfect

I’m broken without you

You’re not complete without me

I never thought we would fight

But I was certainly sure

It was not going to be easy

It is these flaws

That makes me want no one but you

We made this love

This perfectly imperfect love

I am here to stay,

Because it is everything

I ever wanted and more

I Want You

I want you
To read and don’t judge,
Poor grammar and broken language
Don’t judge.
I want you
To be open of the idea
That we can be a pair
Not like shoes, right and left
Just like the sky, moon and star.
For a while I’ve seen you
But not by sight
It’s in the blurred visions of my dreams
Where I nurse my night most felt realities,
There I have found you
Ending up with a thirst for you,
So don’t judge.

When you get to read this,
It’s a composition of a million Words
That I would fumble and stammer
if I were to say them to you eye to eye.
They are a part of my shyness that matures
To form up in words and wholely in this note
Doubt me not
For am just but a feeble Lover
Who intends to meet you after a Yes
I fear prior Heartbreaks
So I would rather read your reply too.
With you am obsessed
Waking up each night just to admire you
My secret crush
I want You.

Yours Truely,
The Unknown.

Written by: Poet Dickens Olwal – I love Writing as much as I enjoy reading. Phenomenal in nature but patient with it to take it’s course. Am an Actor, Poet and Wild thinker.

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I Will Never Leave You

Believe me when I tell you this

I will never leave your side

Your love completes me

Your voice calms my heart

And your hug comforts me

I don’t regret loving you

I live every day happy

Because I know you are a part of me

When you are not here

I talk to the stars

A day without you feels like forever

Believe me when I say I love you

And trust me when I say forever

Because I swore eternity

So when I say goodbye

I will still find my way to you.

This is Why I Love You

You ask me numerous times why I love you 

I’m not speechless because I don’t feel something for you 

I’m speechless because I don’t know where to start 

I’m not sure if I’d ever get to the end 

I love you because you took your time to know me 

Watching and loving me from a distance 

And even though it killed every part of your soul

Seeing me smile (with someone else) was enough satisfaction 

I love you because you are my number one cheerleader 

You believe in me more than I even believe in myself 

Your strength, courage, and confidence makes me feel safe around you 

At times I want to be like you, but then I remember 

You’re already a part of me, so I should reach where you set the bar for us

I love you because I can be myself around you 

And on those days when I don’t recognize the girl on the mirror 

You remind me how priceless I am 

You were patient enough to sit and wait for me to accept the scars that were formed in my past aches 

For me, every scar told a sad story 

But to you, they were a reminder of how strong a woman I am

They are beautiful, you said 

Why would I not fall in love with you?

My heart would not resist 

Every second with you is precious 

Every minute away from you seems like forever 

To the end of the world, I will love you 

To the moon and back, you are my shining star 

My best friend, my mentor and my lover

I love you, baby.