Please Tell Me How To Love You

You say I don’t do it right

I wish you knew how much

I’m willing to learn

How do you want me to love you?

What should I say, do or forego?

I want to be part of your happiness

I want to be the reason you smile too

Let me help you deal with the pain

Please tell me how to love you

What of your dreams?

Can I make them come true too?

I want the real you

To be at peace

With the real me

So show me your fears and

I promise they will never come back

I want to love you right

Because I know you are the only one for me

Please baby tell me how to love you.

One Day

One day we will fight,

And I know things will not be as they are right now.

I want you to know I’ll still be there.

I’ll stay by your side and ask to fix us.

One day, someone will come between us,

Our love will be put to the test,

And trust pushed to the wall.

I want you to know that

I will choose you over anyone.

One day, baby, our love will need fixing

I want you to know that I will do all it takes

To make sure we stick together through the storm.

I hope you do the same for us.

We Can’t Be Friends

I’m sorry we have come to this,

I’m sorry I messed us up,

But I can’t be around anymore,

Baby we can’t just be friends,

I’m sorry this is the end for us.

I didn’t know this would happen,

That I would fall for you,

It all happened so fast,

It felt like ages to me,

I introduced you to my family,

Let my friends know all about you,

I don’t know how we ended up here,

I don’t know how I got to this point,

Where your name makes me cry,

Your memories piercing my heart,

Like they don’t want to stay there anymore,

The way you held me,

I felt like you’d never let me go,

Tell me how can I settle for being just friends,

No, I’m not ready to be seen as just your sister,

I don’t regret loving you,

I’m not tired of having you around,

I still feel something strong for you,

And that’s why I can’t just be friends with you.

My Ideal Man

My ideal man is perfect in every way,
He knows about me and how to make my day,
He is handsome and he is all I need today,
My ideal man is a gentleman, I am sure he is here to stay.
My ideal man is sincere and understanding,
He is kind and caring,
He is religious and loving,
My ideal man is sweet, thoughtful and accommodating.
My ideal man I gaze at him with awe,
My ideal man, I love his every flaw,
He is not perfect, don’t ask me what I saw,
With him I don’t care about any law.
My ideal man, today I give you my word,
I swear you are everything I preferred,
I promise there is no first, second, or third,
I’m happier with you I don’t care about the heard or unheard.
Thank you for treating me like a lady,
Pampering me like a baby,
I promise I am not a crybaby,
I will be everything you need and more, or can I say maybe?

I Can’t Make You Love Me

I understand if you don’t feel the way that I do. There is this feeling however that makes me want to hold on and give it my best. I am not ready to give up without trying – without doing everything that I feel I should do. Because a part of me wants to make this work. I’m not ready to walk away from all this. 

I’m trying to convince myself that you feel the same way. Because I feel your heartbeat every time we are together. And the kisses, they are all right. Every time we are together, I see it in your eyes too. My only question is, why can’t you let me love you? 

I wouldn’t want to beg for your attention. It’s never in my nature to do this. But the feeling I have for you makes me want to do anything just to make you stay. There could be something great between us if you give us a chance. I’m as scared as you are because I don’t want to hurt again and I don’t want anything to go wrong.

I know that along the way, we will fight and some things will not go as expected no matter how much I love you. I’m ready to take this risk with you because I know it will be worth it. I don’t want to give it all up without trying. I want to experience all these flaws with you too. 

I know I can’t make you love me if it isn’t there. I can’t make you feel what you don’t want to. It’s okay that you don’t feel the same way. My biggest regret – more than the words I may have said to make you hurt – will be repressing what I feel for you. Repressing what I want to say, wondering with too many “what ifs” 

A lot is going on in my head right now. A lot of jumbled thoughts. Maybe you are not ready for this. Maybe you just don’t want to admit what you feel for me. Yet here I am still asking you to take this chance. Asking you to give us a chance. To love me the way that I love you or even more. I promise to give you the best version of me. I’ll show you the love you deserve and I will do my best to be the right one for you. Pick me. Please love me. 

And even with my half-mended heart, I chose you. I know I will do it again. I’m not sure when you will start questioning your decision. I don’t know if you will continue walking even after all this. But if you do, know that I’ll still love you with my broken pieces. Although there’s one thing I’ll forever thank you for – you taught me that I can still love passionately. That my heart can still beat for someone else. 

Please Be Mine

I’ve been on a journey that somehow I thought would never end,

Trying to find and win the heart of my godsend,

It’s been a journey I would never want to extend or recommend,

From broken promises to broken hearts, there’s a lot I had to mend,

Then you came my way and I’m not ready to let go,

I understand that maybe I may not be the best thing you know,

But please allow my feelings to flow,

Because with you beau I know I will forever glow,

I promise to give you the best version of me,

And as days go by I will be better we can agree,

You are everything I want you to be,

So please don’t change a thing, or two or three, for me,

What I feel for you is uncontrollable,

There are days I feel it’s just not possible,

To me you’ll forever remain irreplaceable,

My love for you will always be untraceable,

Because I can’t remember the first day I fell deeply in love,

Trust me you’re the best thing He’s given me from above,

Only He understands the love I have for you my belove,

I wouldn’t want to let Him down, so to you this is my vow,

I may not be all you want right now,

But if time will allow,

I will do my best to be better for you somehow,

Please give me a chance to prove to you my word,

I know you are all I need in this world,

You are the one I think of when I wake up,

And the one I dream about when I close my eyes,

I wish I could hear you say those three magical words to me,

Give me a chance and let me show you what it means to be in love,

I hope this will be the end of my journey in this quest,

Because I will do whatever it takes to keep you forever.

Don’t Give up On Us

Don’t be afraid

Don’t give up on us

Our story is not written

We have not begun our journey

There’s a lot yet to accomplish

So honey please

Don’t give up on us

I have hope

That we can beat all odds

My faith is strong enough

I guess I carry the faith for us two

Don’t doubt a love yet to begin

Don’t run away from all this

Because believe me

We were meant to be

So honey please don’t give up on us

We can stand up against anything

I’m not ready to give up without trying

You are a part of me

You are half my soul

And I love you

So honey please

Don’t break my heart before we begin

The Guy Next Door

You are back again

You don’t know how much it took to forget you

Now it’s all back

And I don’t know what to do or say to make you stay away

I know I don’t want you to stay away

But my heart wants you miles and miles away

Because I feel the pain of watching and not holding you

I feel the pain of holding you in my heart and not asking you to stay

I want you to be mine but you will forever remain the guy next door

No chance at love but friendship

How long will I continue loving you in secret?

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A Letter to My Future Self

It feels odd writing this to you and thinking about all the places/people you’ve seen. By now I know you no longer live in the same house or city. Or perhaps you’re not even in the same country! It’s weird to think that you are living a whole different life from what I have right now but I am happy because you beat all odds. To be honest you are my dream come true. There’s a lot of things I hope and pray that you have managed to achieve.

I hope you have figured things out and that you are exactly where I wanted you to be. I hope your life is as perfect as I wanted but I pray that you don’t forget me, the younger version of you. I hope you have forgiven all those who hurt you and that you do not hold a grudge against anyone. I hope you managed to find love and that he is exactly the man you wanted.

I hope you moved on from the past hurt and that you have managed to forgive yourself because last I checked you were still struggling with that. Most of all, I hope you still hold dear and cherish the ones that stood by you through the storm. I hope that Jesus is still your personal Christ and savior.

I hope you’ve aged like fine wine and that you are proud of the younger you. I hope that I remind you of all the experience you’ve been through and I pray you don’t forget the lessons I taught you. It is my prayer that you don’t carry any regrets in your heart and you are still as positive and optimistic as you’ve always been.

I hope life treats you as kindly as you’ve always wanted and that you are doing the same even to those who shut the door in your face. I hope your generous acts can now be seen and I pray you don’t forget to give because once upon a time you were me and I didn’t have it all.

I feel relieved because I know you have managed to put yourself back together. I hope all the broken pieces are now back in place and don’t think about the tiny ones that failed to repair. Don’t look at the scar that’s left but if you do, make sure it still reminds you of the younger version of yourself.

Please don’t forget this: I love you and I am proud of the woman that you are. I pray for nothing but the best for you and your loved ones.

Do You Remember? (Our First Everything)

Do you remember when we first met?
The day we locked eyes for the first time
Do you remember that day?
When I was too shy to say my name
But you still made me promise to call
Do you remember the day you held my hand?
Or the first words we spoke
Do you remember our first kiss?
I was nervous, you were scared
And our knees felt numb
Do you remember our first night together?
How we held each other as time passed
I cried, we smiled
But it all felt too magical
Do you remember the day we swore forever?
That day we promised to stick by each other
Do you remember our first fight?
Yet here we are, strong and free
I remember it all like it was yesterday
You mean the world to me
Being in your arms
Is a dream I don’t want to wake up from
We’ve held on strong through the storm
That’s why I’m confident about the future
We’ve shared a lot together
Since the day we met, I knew you were mine
I loved you then,
I love you now,
And I will love you
Till my last day.