This Girl Next Door

I love you

Everyday I’m convinced about this

At least in my head I am

You’re everything I want

You’re perfect and you’re enough for me

I think of you everyday

I dream about you every night

When I wake up you’re not by my side

I’m convinced that you’re mine

I’m just too shy to tell you this

I watch you from a far

Hoping that one day you’ll notice me

That you’ll feel exactly the way that I do or more

But to you, I’m just the girl next door

You’re my fantasy man

My light and my breath

In my head it’s the perfect scripture

Where do I get the courage to tell you all these?

Have You Seen The Man I Love?

If you see my man, please tell him to come home 

I call him Papi I don’t know about you 

If you do, please tell him I’m waiting for him 

I’m cold and lonely 

With so much love to give 

He’s out there somewhere 

Watching and waiting 

Or perhaps pampering another’s heart 

If you see my man, 

Please let him know 

There’s a woman out there waiting for him 

She’s tall with fairly light skin 

Black eyes, short hair and a figure he’ll love 

If he won’t care for all these, 

Please tell him 

She’s got a heart of gold 

Although lonely 

Her beauty matches her brains 

She’s the ideal wife 

Please tell my man to come home 

I’ll be here waiting for him 

With all the love and care 

He won’t look for another 

©Words From Her life

One Day

One day we will fight,

And I know things will not be as they are right now.

I want you to know I’ll still be there.

I’ll stay by your side and ask to fix us.

One day, someone will come between us,

Our love will be put to the test,

And trust pushed to the wall.

I want you to know that

I will choose you over anyone.

One day, baby, our love will need fixing

I want you to know that I will do all it takes

To make sure we stick together through the storm.

I hope you do the same for us.

You Are Worthy

I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places,

I’ve left the wrong traces, met the wrong faces,

I’ve given out pieces of my heart to the wrong masses,

People that did not deserve a single piece,

In the end all I did was deny myself peace,

At some point I thought this is what I deserve,

Half a piece, half the attention was more than enough,

Unaware of the pain I was causing myself,

My heart was slowly deforming,

I was forcefully fitting puzzle pieces in the wrong places.

Slowly by slowly I learnt to let go,

Carefully I chose to fit the pieces where they belong,

I taught myself to give only in the same measure I was given,

I put myself first for the first time,

Then I realized how much I deserve more.

Girl you are worthy, and, no one should put you down.

I Want To Be With You

I’ll put it plain and simple

Nothing compares to what I feel

Nothing matches my beating heart

There’s only one thing I want

And that is you

Your strength captivates me

Your smile makes my day

Your eyes make me wanna close mine

I want to imagine every moment

How it feels when you hold me close to your chest

I wonder how your lips taste

I want to know why my heart beats when you speak

There’s a mystery behind your eyes

Curious and nervous as I am

There’s something about you that completes me

If I had only one wish left

Then I’d ask to be with you

An Open Letter to my Secret Crush

It feels so odd writing this to you, but it’s hard for me to say it aloud. I have so many things to tell you but am I allowed to? My mind vowed to write our story in my heart. Here I am scared to start because I don’t know if you want to play a part. You see, at times I wished fairy tales were real. Oh prince charming it would be easy to tell you how I feel. The fantasy of being swept off my feet would be so ideal. I have so much zeal in me so today is it! I want to tell you how I feel. 

I want you if only for one night, I do. Just to hold you tight. You see, you’re my light, you’re my knight. I spend my days thinking of you. Your face is imprinted on my mind too. When I close my eyes, I can feel your skin underneath mine. I can feel how you run your hands through my hair. I giggle as you move them down my back and over every part of my body. Yes, I want you to share my bed. 

I take in the way you talk, the way you laugh, the way you smile. I take in the way you smell whenever you’re next to me. I want something to hold on to. My eyes fall when you gaze upon me. My world spins my heart beats, and my throat closes when you speak. The tension is too much. But it’s this unspoken attraction that gives me too much satisfaction. 

I’m too shy to tell you how I feel. How can I when you don’t notice me? You don’t notice the way I look at you. I’m just a friend and nothing more you see. It feels safe watching you from afar. At least I don’t have to deal with any rejections. You’ve taken residence in my mind. I want you to tell me that you want me too, but you won’t. 

I lay in bed and dream of you holding me in your arms. Kissing me and running your hands all over me. I imagine you pressing me against your chest. Then I’d beg you to make love to me. I’d ask you to do it over and over. But as I sit here and watch the last candle die out, my heart dies with it. I’m scared. You would never be attracted to me. I have to let this dream go, for I am a single woman with kids and an unrequited crush.

Sorry I was Never Good Enough

Amid the choices and the voices in your heart, I chose to rest. It was a contest that gave me so much unrest, but I was ecstatic you passed the test. Your warm, bright eyes gave me so much zest, but it was our coalesced hearts that made me believe I was so blessed. Whether to Bucharest or Budapest, my heart truly had a place to call home, I guessed. 

I guessed I’d spend my life with you. That nothing mattered as long as I was with you. I was at peace until it took a sudden surcease. You had no choice but find a place to fix yourself. That it was time to seek a better you, you said. Oh, how I cried for you. Even though I shed a bucket of tears, it was not enough to make you stay, it appears. Sorry for letting you down was all I got after the years. 

I’ll pick my pieces and nurse my bruises despite the circumstances because I don’t want an appearance that sends the wrong messages. I’m strong enough never to go bananas so watch my pace. It’s not you; it’s me you confessed before you set out on your quest for the best. Sad you were too busy trying to find yourself, in between you let me lose myself. Pity I was not as important as I thought I’d be, because all I knew was how to be a better me for you. Please stay were my last words to you, oh how I loved you. 

So now I’m in a pursue to renew myself. I cannot tell when this will be due. I’ll pick my battle with the big guy himself. He had promised me a better you for myself. I believed He gave me the chance to be with you. It’s time to tell Him sorry I was never good enough. Take your time and seek the better you. I hope you find what you’re looking for too. I pray it won’t be too late for us. For now, I’ll pick my broken pieces and fix me too. I’m trying to tell my heart it’s all untrue, for I know it will take me time to pull through.