I’m Still Here

Dear lover ex-lover,

I was willing to take a city

But you had to go all big

And promise me the world

Look at me now

Struggling to separate myself

From all these promises you made

Every word you said that included forever.

I loved you so much

I was not ready to be alone

Look at me now

Struggling to un-love you

Spending every time of my day

Trying to un-feel what my heart felt for so long

The hugs and kisses

And all the excitement I felt when I was with you.

All your feelings are gone

You are gone

But I’m still here

Trying to un-love you

Lower my expectations

And reduce my attention

What do I do with all these beautiful memories?

All these things that remind me how much I miss you?

I hate how I feel

Thinking about how unreal all these moments were

Wondering why you had to forget me so fast

I know I will never have my answer

Yet I yearn so much to know

All I know right now is that you are no longer mine

But I’m still here

Loving you silently


I’m counting down the days

It’s almost here

Neither one would get to thirty without the other

We had a deal

Are you doing okay?

Or should we make us work?

I’m still here waiting for you

No one seems to replace you

You were special this I agree

You still are my missing piece there’s no doubt

Will I be with you at thirty?

Or should I move on and be okay?

I Lost You

I have lost you we can agree
It’s fair, I shall not fight
You deserve better my love I won’t dispute
These tears are justified
You were worth more than I could give
My smile is for the days that were worthwhile
I held back for I wanted it to work
If I had loved you less we wouldn’t be here
You were mine, I wasn’t yours
I shall recount nothing but the good days
For those were the moments I was ever alive

You are Worth Fighting For

These hours are days I keep counting

Hoping that one day I’ll hold you close

I stay strong but I know I can’t my love

Because you are worth every minute of my time

I wish you knew how you make me feel

When I fall it’s your thought that keeps me moving

I can’t hold these tears anymore

I wish I could have fought for you

Your frown is a hundred knives through my heart

I wish I could keep you happy all the time

I can’t my love you know this is impossible

I wish I could do anything to make this last forever

But I’m just a shy girl sitting in a corner

As I watch you leave me behind

I pray that the next chapter will be better than this

Nothing counts more than your happiness you see

I wish I was your happiness as you were to me

I can’t give you the world darling you know this is true

But I don’t want to drag you to hell with me

I want you. I just don’t know how to fight

I’m weak I know but that’s my strength sometimes

I Moved On

I cried for days when you left

You never bothered

I was too weak you said

I was too damaged

You were right

Part of me died when you left

I wanted you to stay

I was desperate

I was lonely

None of this bothered you

Now you’re back

Trying to get me to notice you

I moved on

I’m no longer bitter

I healed

You say you love me

I don’t feel the same

Your world is shuttered

I was there too

You dream only of me

I did the same

You cry for me

I filled a bucket for you

The skies are turning grey

My world split into two

But I moved on

And found someone who deserved me too

You feel like I did

Except you were never there when I broke

If This Poem Gets To You

I’m haunted by your memories

And fantasies of tomorrow

Wishing there would be a day

You’ll choose me over everyone else

I’m haunted by the words I wish I could say

To let you know how much you mean to me

And then the things I wished I could do

Give me restless nights and days

But if this poem gets to you somehow

Know that I love you

I have loved you from the day you didn’t notice me

To today when we can laugh and be good friends

I wish there was more

But I’m okay with the friendship you give

But if tomorrow never comes

Know that I’m glad we met

And I’m sorry for the days I made you feel blue

I’m sorry I’m not enough

I’m sorry I’m not perfect

Most of all, I’m sorry I’m not what you want

I hope you cherish the days that were

And the laughs we shared

Because they mean so much to me

Darling I Wish You Well

There are dreams I had and

Places I wished we would go

There are stories I’d tell

Of the love we shared and how it blossomed

There are things I craved for us

Yet here I am wishing you well as you start a new

Times have been tough

You are one lover I’ll forever remember

And even though we were not meant to be

I wish you well my love

There are memories I’ll live to remember

Laughter I’ll forever cherish

And painful moments I’ll keep to myself

For the sake of the years we shared

My love I wish you well

As you move forward

On this path we both hope for the best

I ask for nothing but the best for you

Forgive my faults please my darling

I made mistakes, we both did

Cherish the love and hold on to it

Because I will always hold on to you

Darling I wish you well as you start a new

I wish you well

I Loved You a Little Too Much

I’ve grown from the days I cried for you

I’ve grown from the days I begged you to stay

I’ve grown from the days I called first

I’ve grown from the days I begged for your attention

It was love, I don’t doubt this

I just regret that I gave it to the wrong person

I spent the better parts of my days wondering why I was never enough

My nights were hours of soft weeping, then loud sobs

I yearned for you each day

I made excuses for you when you didn’t show up

I said it was okay when you replied my text two days later

I loved you, I never doubted this

I just regret that I loved the wrong person

I’ve grown from these days

I loved you too much

I forgot how to love myself

I put you first

Your name was easy on my lips

These lips that never tasted yours

I was too broken but I was bent on fixing you

Because I knew if I could try just a little harder

You will love me

You were my love, I was not yours

Thanks for helping me see this

Now I know who deserves my love. Me.

One Day You Will Miss This Girl

One day you will miss this girl who loved you 

This girl who cried for you

This girl who asked you to stay again and again 

This girl who said sorry even when she was not on the wrong 

This girl who treated you like a king even when you didn’t feel like one 

This girl who loved you beyond measure 

The girl who tried to prove to you how much she was better

How much she was worth it 

How much she was the one 

How much you deserved her 

One day you will miss this girl who loved you more than you felt you deserved 

One day you know you will miss this girl who chose you

Who tried to fix you even when she was broken 

One day you will miss this girl who trusted you without asking questions 

This girl who cared for you 

This girl who dropped everything to be by your side when you needed her 

This girl you never bothered to check on 

You never bothered to answer her calls 

This girl, you never bothered to reply to her messages 

This girl, you made excuses anytime you were supposed to meet 

One day you will miss this girl who thought you were the one 

Who was sure you were the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with 

One day you will miss this girl who made you smile when you were down 

Who cheered you up and encouraged you even when she had nothing to hold on to 

One day you will miss this girl who gave and gave and gave 

Emptied her basket and you never filled hers 

One day you will miss this girl who thought you were the best thing life had given her

I know one day you will miss this girl who wished you the best even when you didn’t care 

Who prayed for you even when you were out getting drunk and having fun 

One day you will miss this girl who waited for you, but you never showed up 

This girl who set your plate on the table but still ate alone

One day you will miss this girl who went to bed alone because you had better things to do than stay the night 

One day I know you will miss this girl who loved you more than she loved herself

Sagittarius Woman

I Wish I Was Enough

I​​’m wrapped up in my sheets

Cold and lonely it seems

Wishing you would keep me warm

Yet she is the one in your arms

Can’t help but feel jealous

This is the deal I signed for

I die silently when I hear her voice

I’d give anything to be her

The one you’d show to the world

Sleep with at night

Not just your Girl Friday

I want to be the one you’d run to

Always sure you’d come home to me

Sad that I’m everything less