Dear Crush

I’m not ready to do this you see. I mean write this letter to you and let the world know how I feel about you. But what the heck, I have nothing to lose and so much time left. I’m not too courageous to say this to you but this is the beauty of writing letters – I can pour out my heart.

I’ve always wanted to use the phrase ‘my heart skipped a beat’ away from classroom literature and composition writing. Finally! You looked stunning when I saw you yesterday. When our eyes met, my heart skipped a beat.

You took my breath away when I saw you – blue must be your favorite color. Well, guess what? It is my favorite color too. You looked so…err…I can’t put my feelings into words.

Your image has taken refuge in my mind from the moment my eyes saw you. I can’t shake this idea of seeing you again. I wish I could record these beautiful fantasies I have. It’s easy to escape reality for a second or two with you on my mind. I know I can’t have you but still, my heart yearns to hold you.

These moments I have in my head are nothing but a distant dream, I know. Yet it is this hope that I shall meet you soon that keeps me holding on to you as my crush.


I’m Afraid to Tell You I Love You

I’m afraid to tell you how I feel

How much I love you

How much I care

So many feelings in my heart

So many emotions I want to let out

What would you do if I did?

What would you do if I said I love you?

I search for words across the room as you stare at me

They hang in the air between us

I’m afraid to tell you how much I love you

I wish I could look up and scan your eyes

I don’t know what you would say if I did

Would you tell me that you love me too?

Or maybe you will not repeat it

My words come out all crooked

My voice lacks sincerity as I ask about your day

I die a little every day when I don’t hear your voice

But I’m afraid to tell you how much I love you

Because I’m not ready to know how you feel


I’m sitting on the bench

Watching from the buddy zone

As you enjoy this love with her

I’m breaking inside but you don’t notice

It’s killing me but I can’t tell

I’m the under cast

And I only play my part when you are hurt

I’m just a friend you see

But I blame myself everyday

For letting your personality and irresistible charm

Get to my heart

To me you are the only one

I’m on the acquaintance zone you see

We can’t do anything more than hug

Yet somehow you still know how to make me smile

Thanks for the memories

But it’s time to put my feelings where they belong

I’m on the friendzone and that’s not enough for me

So goodbye bestie

Where Do I Stand?

Where do I stand?

I ask myself this question every time we talk 

Every time you smile at me

I’m confused

Where do I stand? 

Do you love me or is this feeling in my head?

Every time you say you can’t live without me

Do you mean I should be by your side as a friend?

Every time you say you love me

Is it something romantic or are we just friends 

You see, I love you

It’s more than friendship 

I see myself with you

I build my home with you (in my head) 

You give me every reason to wake up 

I’ve grown to see you more than a friend 

Is this feeling mutual?

I hope one day when our eyes lock, our lips will meet too

I keep dreaming of this day

I hold back because I don’t want to scare you off 

I’m comfortable being your friend 

I can’t wait to hear you confess your feelings to me 

This way it will be easier to tell you

How many things I’ve been holding in all these years 

I Hope One Day You Will Notice Me

I give you a hint

Each day different

I’m past friendship

I see you more than that

You don’t know how much

I die in silence

Every time you talk about her

It’s a knife piercing deeper

I tell you it will be okay

She will change

She’s right for you

I wish she knew

How much you deserve someone

Who truly loves you

I wish she knew

How much you deserve me

I love you

It’s not a doubt

I wish you could see it too

I Want You

I want you
To read and don’t judge,
Poor grammar and broken language
Don’t judge.
I want you
To be open of the idea
That we can be a pair
Not like shoes, right and left
Just like the sky, moon and star.
For a while I’ve seen you
But not by sight
It’s in the blurred visions of my dreams
Where I nurse my night most felt realities,
There I have found you
Ending up with a thirst for you,
So don’t judge.

When you get to read this,
It’s a composition of a million Words
That I would fumble and stammer
if I were to say them to you eye to eye.
They are a part of my shyness that matures
To form up in words and wholely in this note
Doubt me not
For am just but a feeble Lover
Who intends to meet you after a Yes
I fear prior Heartbreaks
So I would rather read your reply too.
With you am obsessed
Waking up each night just to admire you
My secret crush
I want You.

Yours Truely,
The Unknown.

Written by: Poet Dickens Olwal – I love Writing as much as I enjoy reading. Phenomenal in nature but patient with it to take it’s course. Am an Actor, Poet and Wild thinker.

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The Guy Next Door

You are back again

You don’t know how much it took to forget you

Now it’s all back

And I don’t know what to do or say to make you stay away

I know I don’t want you to stay away

But my heart wants you miles and miles away

Because I feel the pain of watching and not holding you

I feel the pain of holding you in my heart and not asking you to stay

I want you to be mine but you will forever remain the guy next door

No chance at love but friendship

How long will I continue loving you in secret?

Incase you missed it: An Open Letter to My Secret Crush

An Open Letter to my Secret Crush

It feels so odd writing this to you, but it’s hard for me to say it aloud. I have so many things to tell you but am I allowed to? My mind vowed to write our story in my heart. Here I am scared to start because I don’t know if you want to play a part. You see, at times I wished fairy tales were real. Oh prince charming it would be easy to tell you how I feel. The fantasy of being swept off my feet would be so ideal. I have so much zeal in me so today is it! I want to tell you how I feel. 

I want you if only for one night, I do. Just to hold you tight. You see, you’re my light, you’re my knight. I spend my days thinking of you. Your face is imprinted on my mind too. When I close my eyes, I can feel your skin underneath mine. I can feel how you run your hands through my hair. I giggle as you move them down my back and over every part of my body. Yes, I want you to share my bed. 

I take in the way you talk, the way you laugh, the way you smile. I take in the way you smell whenever you’re next to me. I want something to hold on to. My eyes fall when you gaze upon me. My world spins my heart beats, and my throat closes when you speak. The tension is too much. But it’s this unspoken attraction that gives me too much satisfaction. 

I’m too shy to tell you how I feel. How can I when you don’t notice me? You don’t notice the way I look at you. I’m just a friend and nothing more you see. It feels safe watching you from afar. At least I don’t have to deal with any rejections. You’ve taken residence in my mind. I want you to tell me that you want me too, but you won’t. 

I lay in bed and dream of you holding me in your arms. Kissing me and running your hands all over me. I imagine you pressing me against your chest. Then I’d beg you to make love to me. I’d ask you to do it over and over. But as I sit here and watch the last candle die out, my heart dies with it. I’m scared. You would never be attracted to me. I have to let this dream go, for I am a single woman with kids and an unrequited crush.